In time BUS will be the CyberSpace Gateway for seafing the five general subsystems cited at the start of my proposal:


  • social networking system,
  • educational system,
  • system for creating and managing organizations & projects, virtually and in realtime,
  • database system,
  • R&D system, to integrate Adaptive Management and Action Research into the
  • emergence of BUS.

Thus, any specific task to be performed in any of these five areas will be facilitated through BUS. BUS will tailor access to available internet and other online systems, in ways to seaf the needs of the uplift movement or emergent org. Initially it would piggy-back on existing systems like Facebook and Google and always have access to them so long as they exist and permit access.

Masked by the rapid tech advancement is the vast gap in competencies in using this nuTech by everybody, and especially those working for a better humankind. Do you know what any other person actually does, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, using intelligent technology? How many of the special features of the apps you use, do you actually use or even know about? With competition in the commercial domain there has been no attention to integrated use and synergistic use by different users. It needs to be researched, but I speculate that we are quite poor as to “reesee” for our use of IT. Fully aware of the dangers of uniformity, BUS will be designed to make its users masters of cyberspace (and face-to-face space, as well). This is a domain that appears invisible: how to compare what IS with what is our realistic POTENTIAL.BUS will record each person’s processes using BUS, for future developmental purposes, for deep personalization of access, and to integrate learning to use BUS and those social actions seafed by BUS.

As much as possible BUS will provide transparency for all activity, processes for various utilities. Contacts, schedules, conferences, strategies, etc. would be highly seafed through BUS, making the functioning of the uplift social system clear and instructive.

Since the primary objective of UPLIFT is uplifting via OLLO, BUS will be the scaffolding for the education and management functions the emergent movement. One of the important features of uplift education is the creation of nu educational materials and processes during the process of learning – an action that also includes organizing. BUS1.0 must contain a first stage of this to engage initial members. The initial content of the learning will be about what they are to be doing, not primarily traditional academic or work-related instruction. Improving BUS is the main goal of BUS. Changing humankind is NOT the primary curriculum of BUS; although this context will be present and developed.

Members of BUS will have basic needs. How their basic needs are being fulfilled will be inventoried. Programs will be developed, as part of the BUS process, to create various systems to optimally provide basic needs given each individual circumstances. This is so rich a field I won’t even try to be specific. David Braden’s work on flows and closed loops for local food production is an example of a “project” seafed by BUS, and essential for its viability. Healthcare is another basic need to be attended to by BUS seafed projects. YET, the primary theme for BUS is UPLIFT – providing the distribution of competencies requisite for ALL ELSE that we hope to do and accomplish.

Each BUS will eventually be tailored for the specific community of persons using that version. Each BUS will also have emergent regional and global sections for a distant members. Virtual activities and organizations will be explored as well as those by persons in direct physical contact. The network of BUS will be the exploratory/experimental field for learning/development in sysnets and holarchies; specifically the relationships between personal, local, regional, and global.

BUS will be critical in seafing persons in a locality, relating and organizing within that locality.

BUS will seaf the geographical migration of persons to form nu communities, both within a locality and globally.

The first feature of BUS1.0 will be to seaf persons to get to know well a critical number of other persons in well designed supportive communities. One process will be to collectively assess each person’s full cognitive profile – the UPLIFT CENSUS. Persons will meet F2F or by SKYPE type systems, where they will jointly be interviewed and complete questionnaires or other FUN instruments to explore their range of competencies and individual differences. UPLIFT needs to know who it is, in terms of the attributes and potentials of each of its members.

For very important reasons, BUS is strongly inner UPLIFT focused. A subsystem of the UPLIFT movement will keep tabs on the rest of humankind, but will make no effort to interfere (with some possible exceptions). UPLIFT is like an embryo emerging in a womb that is BUS; it will encounter the whole world, when it is ready. On the other hand, the other world must provide resources and harbor potential dangers. The other humankind is a societal environment for the UPLIFT movement.

BUS will seaf access to enjoyment, and achievement. Artistic creativity will be encouraged, tools provided through BUS. Video production will be an important enterprise, including “reality video” of actual uplift process in action, edited for instructional and informative purposes. As UPLIFT spreads to different cultures, new materials will be needed for orientation of new members and promotion materials for the persons inviting new members to explore UPLIFT.

In a sense BUS is the master tool chest for OLLO in the 21st Century.

BUS can also be viewed as a vehicle for migration-in-time for persons from one work/life style to a new and better work/life style.

BUS is scaffolding that is capable of reproducing, diversifying, and evolving. We might think of each BUS as one server with tailored software, that are networked to a secure backbone for all servers. Each local BUS innovates, but with designed synergy with others. The evolution of BUS must be built into BUS1.0 .

more later

Nirmalan comments  09/22/2015

 social networking system – this is available as facebook types of stuff.

 educational system – this is available as coursera types of stuff that I am going to try to combine into “the Teacher Of The World”…if I can.

 system for creating and managing organizations & projects, virtually and in realtime this will be available as soon as data and computational capacity and applications are brought together on the cloud…I am already advocating this.

 database system – this is available in many sections on the cloud and only has to be brought together….I am advocating this along with realtime data uploading…

 R&D system, to integrate Adaptive Management and Action Research into the emergence of BUS. I will give this some thought.. It is very much like my Virtual Survival Platforms. The difference is that the VSPs that I have been advocating have the following clear objectives:

1. The preservation of data, information, knowledge and culture.

2. The enabling of the processing of this data, information, knowledge and culture for its further development and also to produce maps, plans technologies and strategies and processes aimed at the survival of the species and the generation of a global civlization that is resilient and sustainable. Let me see how it goes…and will keep you informed of progress from time to time…


Larry comments  09/23/2015

All of these systems exist in some form are a very useful for some. There probably are proprietary and top-secret versions used by corporations and agencies globally. But, degree of sophistication and high utility for a set of functions doesn’t imply utility for other functions.  The structure of every system both enables and constrains functions.

My classic example are educational systems, which all constrain greatly while the enable.

I don’t expect any existing work to create new versions of these systems to be useful for our needs, although they may be better than what we have. Especially if they attempt to transform what we have – which will retain many constraining features.  Also, an integrated system must be designed from the specifications of functions to be performed. Some needed and critical systems will never have commercial value.

Further, these systems must be technologically compete, in the sense I use in my TECH6 specification: Tools, Tasks, Techniques, Training, Teams, Time . The first two dominate contemporary technology.

At each stage in human emergence we were proud of our level of technology. Metal over stone; irrigation and fertilization, clocks and calculation, advanced machines and new energy sources, applied science and industrialization, etc.  Today it is intelligent mobile interactivity. Basically invisible to the general public are astronomical scientific advancement in materials science, networks, nanotech, quantum apps in macro world, molecular biology, brain research, and LEARNING CHANGE.

All this awesome increase in knowledge occurs in highly insulated silos. Applications of this new knowledge is exceedingly limited by many factors – which also impacts on limiting imagination for applications.  We are so so far innocent of our real potentials that I want to SCREAM !!

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that those with relevant expertise in this immense domain are themselves emerging in ways to permit them to successfully “meet in conference”. There are a few partial exceptions.Those in contemporary “domains of expertise” are in critical need of uplifting in domains outside their expertise. There are also many domains in desperate need of persons with expertise.

FOR THE RECORD, a recent email to a long list that is relevant to this, which Nirmalan also received:

A powerful video (thanks to Joe Brewer), for me.  It will  move other humans in different ways. We cannot assume that everyone will be moved as we are.  And how might each of us be moved differently? Nature is beautiful, wonderful, phenomenal – and these are all inadequate descriptors. We must be cautious about believing “what we see” in nature, is “in” nature and not in “ourselves”. A bit of both?  Might it be that our best understanding of nature and ourselves is far from adequate for our current situation.  I speak of “OUR” (the recipients of this email) understanding, not the understanding of most humans.

Do “WE” assume there can be a package of perceived experiences we can offer others that will “turn things around”, IF they were to have those perceptual experiences? If not, what more may be needed?

PLAN B: UPLIFT.  What if the current distribution of competencies (and trends) in humankind (including the most competent) is significantly insufficient for our survival/thrival?
What if we need a system of paradigm shifts, beyond the new ones currently emerging?
What if we DO HAVE ready (learning-to-learn) competencies to gain the requisite distribution of competencies for our survival/thrival?
Shouldn’t we, as a Plan B, explore uplifting ourselves to those requisite distribution of competencies – and start exploring what they might be?

Deciding whether an UPLIFT strategy may be necessary is different from designing and initiating such a strategy, wouldn’t require mass participation and expense, and wouldn’t be burdened by attempting to share this immediately with everyone. This is realistic, not elitist.

Can WE, “collectively”, suspend (in safe environments) belief in our “rightness” and return to those early days of childhood, with open inquisitiveness, trusting in our ability to learn NEW and not be worried about what we would be learning. What is different is WE have no “parents” or “adult society” to guide us or “set an example”. One approach would be lay out many alternative hypotheses and not immediately attempt to converge on one single, logically consistent “view of the world and what to do”.

Just a brief comment stimulated by viewing a short video,

PS  to ALL.  I’ve been distracted the last few months from doing what I had intended doing in maintaining contact with you and trying to establish collaborative processes. Hope to be more functional soon.