This page will provide definitions for terms and acronyms in the context of Nuet’s writing.

reeee galdee seaf =

BUS (Bootstrap UPLIFT Scaffolding)

SEAF – At a societal level, a process I call seafing (supporting, enabling, augmenting, facilitating) can be viewed as a process of collective helping. In my writing I use “seaf” instead of the more specific variations (help, assist, s,e,a,f). I was triggered to the conceptual scheme of seafing while reading Zuboff’s The Support Economy. I have yet to write a comprehensive doc on seafing. A long and rambling, initial doc on seafing is in my earlier website: <>< > I have come to view seafing as a potential accelerator of human social activity, a literal enzymatic factor. Once established, a global seafing network could seaf humankind facing the time constraints related to surviving climate change. Your focus on interpersonal helpfulness forces my attention back to foundations. Thanks.

ONS (Our Nu Scaffolding)

CGRP in my 1975 Mission_2000. Chain-Growth-Recruitment-Process

NUET visitor from an alternative reality, an “ET”, attempting to share its unique view of humankind/Gaia to contemporary humans.  I have named my inner woven world “nu-et”.

OLLO  organizing for learning and learning for organizing

PRSOS = Promote, Recruit, Select, Orient, Seaf

galdee = grow, adapt, learn, develop, evolve, emerge. Types of change.

reeee = relevant, effective, efficient, enjoyable, elegant. Ways of evaluating action.

seaf = support, enable, augment, facilitate. Modes for helping.

SEMS Exemplars of semiotic structures (sems) would be digitized text, graphics, and audio/video sequences

Uplifters view themselves on an LORDD Expedition

LORDD  (Learning, Organizing, Researching, Designing, Developing)

TECH6 = Tools, Techniques, Tasks, Training, Teams, Time:

wrld“, “internal/constructed/woven worlds