I, Larry/nuet, and my good, longtime friend, Michael Gentry, have long debated our alternative “conceptual schemes” about “reality” which -here- I will explicate as human persons/populations vs the evolving/emerging bio/psy/soc system of humans embedded in Gaia, in relation to near extinctions.

I will respond, in context, to a recent email from Michael:

When Guy McPherson is asked how to prepare for human extinction, he says “love”. That’s the second half of the answer. The first half was explained in a book by Gerald Jampolsky called “Love is Letting Go of Fear”. Where there is fear, love is absent. And what is our greatest fear? Losing the container for our consciousness; e.g. dying. A very good way to prepare for the end is to meditate on dying, The Buddha recommended sitting in a charnel ground, surrounded by rotting corpses, reflecting on the impermanence of the body. Eventually one loses his/her fear of death.

If the earth and all it’s inhabitants are but a collection of charged particles/waves, how difficult can it be to fabricate/reconstruct another one. How unlikely is it that there aren’t innumerable “realities” coexisting with ours? Maybe the great majority of them “self destruct”.

I conceive it as (unintentionally) selfish for humans to “glory” on their “positive attitude” towards extinction (death of all humans); and totally ignore the wipe-out of the future potential of humanity emergent from humankind, and the demise of so may living species, the product of many millions of years of evolution – at the hand of greedy or complacent human persons, blinded by their entitlement to personal individuality.

“If the earth and all it’s inhabitants are but a collection of charged particles/waves”In this limited “physics model of reality”, we are much more than a “collection”. The specific configuration/state of our material physics evolve/emerged over billions of years of Gaia.  It wasn’t “created” or “constructed”!

“how difficult can it be to fabricate/reconstruct another one”. More than difficult, impossible, unless we were GOD, who – by definition – can do anything.  Our current Humankind/Gaia wasn’t fabricated, and can’t be reconstructed – as it wasn’t constructed, in the first instance. Even Humankind, vastly less complex than Gaia, wasn’t constructed. A flash, instantaneous momentary state (position and momentum) of all the particles is grossly insufficient to capture the awesome dynamics emergent in Gaia, and even in Humankind.

I think you agree that our purpose in taking form is to learn how to love unconditionally. The only way we can do that is by transcending our identity (ergo: ego). As we’ve discussed, and a large portion of the population would agree, we get glimpses, small tastes. Perhaps many of us have chosen this scenario (simulation) to learn how to love. It’s rather drastic, facing extinction, but few are successful without such measures.

I think you agree that our purpose in taking form is to learn how to love unconditionally. No, “to love” is not our sole purpose – if we have a “purpose”. To “relate well” with others is essential for species survival. As self-conscious organisms, “coming to terms” with ourselves (and with others) is ONE of our primary requirements. That there must be ONE primary is a fallacy, whose origins probably go far back in our evolutionary history. We can “be educated” to control this instinct. Further, the word “love” remains a label for a very diverse collection of controversial beliefs.

by transcending our identity (ergo: ego).  To “what” do those enlightened humans transcend? They go from their personal egos to their SPECIES SUPER EGO, with a strong attitude of superiority (denied). Our recognition of the dangerous limits of radical individuality (ego) can be fully confronted without requiring the abandonment of attending to social organization in a changing environment and significant creativity, for the passive focus on “peace and love”. Millennia of human “civilization” has demonstrated the insufficiency of elevating “peace and love” as the “sole need” of humans to convert to. This is harsh, but our times are critical. Attempting revivals of failed solutions is not helpful. On the other hand, integrating “peace and love” into a “larger program” may well be essential.

To SURVIVE IN THE WILD, our primary focus must have been on immediate, material actions to save the body. This “instinct” must go far back, to even before mammals. Although, we contemporary humans have a wide diversity of immediate “wilds” to navigate, our real threats are “abstract”, the consequences of happening in the future and spatially elsewhere. Collectively, we can OLLO means to “manage” societal systems.

Do you recall a book called “Revelation:Birth of a New Age” by David Spangler? He channeled an entity called Living Light and Love, who predicted that we would all have the chance choose between trying to save this world or letting it go and moving to a new earth. It’s a chance for liberation (a Buddhist term) on a large scale. Those that can’t let go will be tied to the material realm. It’s what Jesus meant when he said “Let the dead bury the dead” This version of [the dream of] our planet is dead.

Long ago I read a book by Spangler. I have long been a student of psychic phenomena, reports of strange happenings, alternative spiritual realities, psychedelic experiences, and the very wide diversity of reported experiences.

As a student of the History and Philosophy of Knowledge (mostly Scientific), I am aware and accept that my BELIEF in the objectivity of my experienced reality is an ILLUSION. BUT, this is no license to create fantasy realities and then attribute “objectivity” to them. This is what all religions have done. Nor, are parts of my own fantasy false; it is the organization-of-the-whole that is INCOMPLETE – because there are essential parts missing. Many of these essential parts our human conceptual systems can’t comprehend (as there are things we can comprehend, but our pets can’t).

The only foundations for the fantasies that humans can transcend the material realm lie in their inner personal experiences. These experiences can’t be shared, but only reported. We must sharply distinguish evidence that our our “established” take on reality is incomplete (open to new phenomena) and that we humans have special roles to play, or special “powers over reality”.

Elsewhere I propose that we humans are special, for the future emergence of Gaia/Cosmos, but are yet “embryonic”, the transition from disorganized humankind (collection) to self-organized humanity (system/organism) is analogous to “birthing”. It is my speculation that many of the new “spiritual/psychic” competencies require humanity, and are only precursors in humankind.

Persons could continue to believe/wait for the next “simulation” and be full participants in efforts to save humankind (potential humanity).



I agree it isn’t a human simulation that we inhabit. GAIA may be a descriptive name for the simulation, but I don’t think it’s the creator (programmer). The material universe is binary – everything is comprised of positive and negative charges. Doesn’t it seem possible that a mind (consciousness) sufficiently powerful could create a three dimensional version of reality that fragments of that consciousness could inhabit? (This is the Hindu version of Maya). It further seems possible that this version of reality is evolving based on laws and rules as well as from the influence of the fragments of consciousness (that would be you and me). The structure of reality is altered by our beliefs – the more the beliefs are shared by the fragments (inhabitants), the greater the influence. An individual can change his version of the simulation by the choices he makes and the beliefs he holds. But that has very little influence on others perceptions.

If this interpretation is true, what does it mean for us? Firstly, since it is a simulation, there’s no point trying to understand it. It’s a distraction from our purpose for incarnating, which is to find the way out of the simulation (the Gateless Gate, another Hindu term). We cannot pass thru the Gate with our physical bodies, or our identities. That would be everything we believe about who we are, which we have collected from the innumerable versions of simulations that we’ve played (I won’t say in the past, as they could very well be simultaneous). All our experiences are encoded in our DNA, and everyones collection is unique. These experiences determine the physical, mental and spiritual attributes of the avatar we have been assigned (not sure how much choice we have).

I’m trying to be as regular in my sleeping habits as I can. That means lights out by 10:45 and up by 7 AM. I’m using 3 different sleep trackers to measure the time I spend in light sleep, deep sleep and dreaming. I’m doing this as a key component of entering the “Gateless Gate”. I’ll be signing off for now. Hoping we can talk sometime this week. I want to know how your transition is progressing.