I sense an UPLIFT Team is beginning to emerge.

There are three persons who have communicated to me their interest in furthering UPLIFT (actively using the term, “uplift”) and have indicated their intent to explore the writings of Larry/nuet about UPLIFT. This is a new phenomenon. To date, no person has expressed interest in strategically exploring Nuet’s Archives. At best, others may skim/read specific posts linked to emails.

I admit that I don’t follow any blogs by others, nor have I explored them. Yet, I am aware of many of them, and value their existence.  There are a few persons who I might read their recent post, should I encounter it.

These three live outside the USA: Canada (Alex), Greece (Jason), and Australia (John). There are others who support Larry/nuet, dialog with him online, and express interest in some of his insights. Yet, they have not been able to devote “study time” to learn-to-comprehend his dense and complex texts – for many good reasons. This message is addressed to the three above mentioned persons, and to others who later elect to join the UPLIFT Team.

What does Larry/nuet hope for the UPLIFT Team?

The future of UPLIFT must be independent of Larry/nuet. Up2Met is a human process to emerge through the creative interactions within the galdee-ing membership of the UPLIFT Team/Community/Society/Humanity. The ideas and insights in nuet and nuet’s archive are but a resource – a starting point to renew exploration of the deep nature of humankind and apply that knowledge. Some of the ideas from nuet will need revision, and a few will be shown invalid or irrelevant. Other persons will contribute new, essential insights. Many of nuet’s insights are rooted in the ideas/writings of others. Nuet’s Archive will be but one scaffolding for exploring the record of human production (historical, current, emerging). The exponentially growing wealth of reports of insights and analyses by many – available for all, online – might be better accessed using some of nuet’s ideas as scaffolding.

Formally, Larry should not be a member of the team, but a resource. Larry’s functional days are limited, as are his current behavioral competencies. Larry cannot be depended on for coordinating teamwork. Larry can be assigned tasks, and will make suggestions. Nor, should Larry be viewed as a leader, which he has demonstrated, over his life, as lacking leadership competencies.

What I recommend is that the three founding members of UPLIFT Team begin to interact among themselves in their attempt to mutually better comprehend the conceptual schemes of Up2Met and nuet, and each other. They might do this by the study of parts of nuet’s archive, in structured dialog with Larry/nuet, and in their mutual construction of scaffolding (for initial texts) for an emergent UPLIFT semfield.  This dialog should be organized and made accessible to Larry/nuet, and to others who join the team.

Initially, this could be email threads. Soon, a major platform should be selected. None current are fully adequate; but one is needed, now. I can recommend, but you three are far more “geek” that I in this domain. However, I may attend to features MISSING, than those provided, when anticipating future needs.

Initially, this responsibility can’t be expected to take too much time from your other responsibilities. Over time, I expect most members of UPLIFT will integrate most of their lives under an uplift umbrella. Most of the meaningful projects underway today can be re-directed within an uplift context.

For Larry/nuet, UPLIFT is but a label for a grab-bag of many interacting ideas & insights. It is easy to lock into a few as defining UPLIFT. I won’t attempt here to list these, but the team should make it an early task to collect them all, and periodically try to “immerse within the whole”. However, it is our “human nature” to tunnel into silos, so as to be productive. UPLIFT teams and communities should design seafing strategies for movement from silo-to-whole-to-silo. AI analysis of communication can learn to map silos and keep the UPLIFT population informed.

“Ideas-about-Tools=&=Tools-for-developing Ideas” is a cousin of OLLO (ITTI). We could substitute Tech for Tools and Insights for Ideas. A team can only go so far developing Insights/Ideas with existing Tech/Tools. Also, we need to forecast the Insights/Ideas to explore so as to prepare the adequate Tech/Tools. As with OLLO, ITTI should be dynamic, spiraling, and generative.

Two, difficult but necessary, processes requiring explicit attention, are 1) the self-organizing, decision-making processes of the galdeeing collective; and 2) the PRSOS process for Promoting, Recruiting, Selecting, Orienting, and Seafing others to become members and OLLO functionally within the UPLIFT community.

Two other critical domains for attention: 1) the well-being of each person (a broad domain – including personal survival/thrival); and 2) avoiding attention capture by the many distressing happenings reported in the news. Yet, we must be vigilant about the destructive actions of humankind that would threaten UPLIFT.

Larry/nuet has many Ideas/Insights to share about all of the above, many which are not in (or easy to access) within nuet’s archive.

A final factor: At 83, Larry’s functional life may be very limited. His functionality could be greatly improved by personal seafing teams and a change in his (limiting/somewhat-oppressive) physical/social settings. Larry is unable to bring about these changes by himself. Yet, Larry cannot expect any person or small group to assume this responsibility – which is called for ONLY to maintain access to nuet, and not for the pleasures/security of Larry. Crowdfunding to hire needed “help” may be a solution; but a team is required to do this and manage the helpers. An UPLIFT Team may be able to organize those colleagues of Larry, not yet ready to accept UPLIFT, to form another team to seaf Larry’s needs. A group of these have already intervened for Larry, but their recommendation for Larry to move to Assisted Living, would probably be detrimental to his further participation in UPLIFT, and with nuet. OTOH, Larry currently lacks the competencies to organize a “move”.

Larry;s “executive competencies” appear in sharp decline. Interestingly, the functioning of nuet seem independent of this. Often I am aware of tasks needed doing, but ignore them.

I find many parallels between my personal Crisis-of-Crises (with my setting) and those of societies and humankind. Indeed, many of my insights about humankind have come first from my greater comprehension of my local settings.

Also, there are the same difficulties in sharing these ideas, in these two domains: personal and global. I need to write books detailing my persona/local situation, which few would have the time or interest to read – let alone act upon.

I don’t blame anyone for my “imprisonment’. They are all “good persons” living  consistent with their own, personalized “wrlds”. However, this doesn’t erase the “reality of constraint”.

This brings one other factor to attend to. How might you three, initial members relate to each other? To what levels of transparency? How much to share about personal “trials and tribulations”? What sharing is essential, and how much time to devote to sharing your complex lives and histories? As initial explorers/pioneers on this uplifting EXPEDITION, your tasks will be different from those required by those later joining an already viable and functioning Up2Met org.

Jason, John, and Alex – the ball is now in “your park”. Earth/Gaia/Humanity might “hinge” on what you do!  I’ve done all I can.

GOOD WISHES.    Larry/nuet