Hello friends, colleagues and followers of the esteemed NUET, Larry Victor (RIP).

This site is a mirror of Larry’s “Nuets Nodes” website, as is stood the day he passed. That site has disappeared because our dear friend is no longer here to keep it up and running. I was the administrator there for 9 years, however I was not the server host, so that site is lost to us. However, this is a full and unabridged copy of that site, which I will continue to host and maintain for posterity, reference, and perhaps discussion and development of his ideas.  Below is the draft introduction that Larry was writing for this site when we first saw the need to create it.

If I may be of any further service to the “friends of NUET” – please do let me know.

============================ Glisten


We focus attention, on this Dialog, Discuss, Deliberate, Design, Do [D5] platform, on one primary theme: The Survival/Thrival of Humankind/Gaia, confronting our Crisis-of-Crises.

Although any info relevant to this theme is welcome (we never can predict where a major insight may come from) my emphasis will be on catalyzing a global epistemic shift, not a trivial undertaking. I believe that this epistemic shift may be the only route to survival and thrival (thrival, also of importance).

Our challenge/task will be to co-create/compose a sysnet of conceptual schemes representing our best comprehended “Reality”. These conceptual schemes will be called “sems”and their sysnet “semfields”. Simply, the text we create is a new reality, instrumental in the evolution of humankind. Here we will learn to engage crafted semfields in new and powerful ways.

We will discover that our assumptions about ourselves, humans and human systems have been dangerously wrong. Quality research has accumulated to falsify our assumptions; but “forces” have blocked connecting-the-dots and accepting our limitations and new assets.  We humans aren’t what we think we are!

I will invite all to join me in creating semfields for my two Action Scenaeios: UPLIFT and Up2Met. These are based on the new reality about human persons and human social and societal systems. These scenarios have been very difficult to share, comprehension blocked by false assumptions believed.

I expect teams and communities will organize (OLLO) to launch UPLIFT, as a viable system of intentional communities.

All of my ideas (in semfields) are in need of improvement and expansion.

Reality is changing all around us, often threatening. Being a member of UPLIFT will provide a viable haven from much of the chaos; while at the same time working competently, with many others, creating a movement/org the will emerge to “Save the Planet”.

This WordPress Platform will be but one platform to seaf UPLIFT.