this is primitive and beyond crude; must return — this is an important task to perform.

Stage One Learn About Ourselves & Create Tools for the reesee seaf of our own galdee.

PRSOS team for Stage One.  What competencies do we need?

List what we won’t attempt to accomplish in Stage One.

  •         Broadcast what we are doing.
  •         Do we want to invite observers who will not be participants in core action?

Quickly establish platforms, apps, protocols for use in Stage One.

  •         Decision making processes for team.

 Process Objectives for Stage One

  •         Deep learning about each other – while creating a Personal Profile System [PPS] for relevant individual difference variables. This is to pilot a process that will carry through all future stages of BUS, with many improvements.
  •             List of important contacts and sites, seminal books — a sketch of each members social network.
  •         Start development of inventory tool for intelligent tool equipment and competencies [part of PPS] – for future use in later stages.
  •         Related to PPS, collaborate on creating quick mapping of Basic Reality Domains  [BRD] for each or our inner/woven nuet-style worlds. Let areas represent level of competency, degree of attention given, rate relative relevancy, etc.
  •         Each compose their optimistic scenario for 21st century. Possibly cycle though initial brainstorm, then structured, then team scenario sets.
  •         Experimental NuEdu where we try learning what each other thinks most important for all to learn.

Stage Two: Design Stage Three and prepare for implementation.

Stage Three: Outreach and Actions Beyond Our Team