In this page/email I wish to introduce Andrew Gaines and his proposed event/movement to jump-start an inspirational launch of The Great Transition (TGT)  . Over the past two weeks I have devoted many hours exploring, reading, commenting within some of Andrew’s documents, and composing a few new posts to my blog, Nuets Nodes.

Andrew’s work triggered a new shift/accommodation of my worldview (nuet) as I attempted to evaluate the role TGT played in my “larger” vision/mission labeled by “UPLIFT” and “Societal Metamorphosis”. This is difficult to summarize, and it will involve considerable reading, thinking, and I hope engagement. I encourage you to find the time to explore whether the ideas embedded within are worth pursuing.

More and more humans are conceptually accepting the severe threats forecast for our future and that a truly major collective effort will be needed to ensure survival/thrival. The Magnitude/Scope/Complexity of this collective effort – The Great Transition – remains to be explored. Effective Action depends on an accurate assessment of Our Challenge.

If you periodically survey all the severe events and changes globally (much more than reported on the MSM), you may also be concerned of the rapidity of potential collapse, and how our activist efforts must change to accommodate them. Our Challenge is very unique, and how we Meet Our Challenge must be commensurate in Magnitude/Scope/Complexity of Our Challenge.

This is basic, our actions must obey the Second Law of Cybernetics (Ross Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety) with the same dedication as we obey the physical laws of energy and momentum conservation.

No recommended final resolutions to our challenges are provided in the following linked documents. Had I the time and competencies, I would attempt a new, integrated document; if such a doc were even possible. How we construct, access, and interact with our collective semfield (all our productions and communications) is one, of many, tasks under consideration.

Larry comments within Andrew’s email of 07/14/2016.  Andrew’s first communication after reading some of Larry’s documents, primarily the Spanda Journal chapter, the 2010 grant proposal for BUS (Bootstrap UPLIFT Scaffolding), and NU GENESIS.

Larry comments extensively (in red) within three documents circulated by Andrew. The text of the docs have been formatted, however the diagrams and visuals were not copied. Links to the originals are available. These are presented in the order Larry read and commented within them. Readers can comment and dialog on these docs within the Nuets Nodes blog.

Larry comments within Andrew’s documents:




Larry offers two docs informing others of his limitations in dialog and relating to others:

Larry and Dialog – Things Others Should Know About Larry

Larry/nuet and Others : UTILITY

Larry presents two docs composed to support his analysis and recommendations.

QUMAN PHYSICS – The next phase of Larry/nuet’s speculative hypothesizing of a radically new system of conceptual schemes to replace our inadequate and outmoded system about “human nature” and everything about “humankind”. Quman Physics is an analog to Quantum Physics in contrast with the traditional perspectives they challenged.

SURVIVING OUR Crisis-of-Crises by CREATING A BETTER WORLD – This doc explore practical activities some humans may undertake to explore and use the concepts involved in Quman Physics. References are made to earlier “gatherings of significance”.

At 81+ and “in decline”, Larry is unable to lead what is needed. The worldview hosted by Larry, nuet, appears to be in good health and continuing emergence. Larry will next compose a doc accurately describing his real-life situation and what some others many need to do if nuet’s resources are to contribute to humankind’s future.

Small point, I need to add the Macy Conferences as a historical exemplar of what our first step might be.