• According to our best theories, the Earth-Moon system had a unique origin. A planetary body, about the size of Mars, had a near collision with the early Earth, resulting in a matter cloud that coalesced into the Moon.
  • The many body dynamics of the solar system is a non-linear phenomenon. The nice nested elliptical orbits of the major planets, I am told, can be only a temporary state of stability. Sometimes this stability can be disturbed and they wander more radically around the sun – sometimes having near collisions. I recently read that Mercury may be the next to wander.
  • GALILEO – FROM MOON TO MOONS.  I recently was made aware of the insight viewing the moons of Jupiter gave to astronomy. Until then we knew of ONE moon.  The concept of many moons was integral in humans envisioning a solar system with planets orbiting the sun.


If the physical universe was classically determined, the initial conditions at the Big Bang simply unfold to every detail of our complex world. To have the Earth-Moon system configured to present total solar eclipses to stimulate early humans, would call for a detailed initial design beyond reason. Intervention from a later moment in the history of the universe could tweak the initial conditions to result in rare events being part of the (new) deterministic unfolding.  I wrote a short story to this end in the summer between high school and college – to account for psychic phenomena in a strictly deterministic universe.

Quantum physics posits a statistical reality, with an intrinsic randomness. For example, the average rate of nuclear decay doesn’t inform us which nuclei in an ensemble of atoms will decay nor the distribution of temporal intervals between decays in a sample of radioactive material. This is true for all quantum interactions, resulting in an enormous keyboard for tweaking – that still would sustain the averages and not violate the physics..

I have not thought through details for how quantum tweaking might shift planetary orbits, or for other various types of tweaks.  Here I only wish to propose that tweaking physical process is not excluded by the principals of physics; what we lack are ideas of processes or mechanisms – for which we would then discover their relevant scientific “laws”.

  • That the moon would settle into an orbit determined by the condition that both moon and sun are the same “size in the sky”, implies that a high level of computational precision be involved in the intervention. Knowing the compositions of Earth and planetesimal before collision, the specifics of collision could be computed that would result in the Earth-Moon-Sun configuration leading to total solar eclipses at any specified time within humankind’s emergence. Variation of condensation time from matter cloud to moon would be more difficult to forecast – although primarily many-body physics, might have computational accuracy (but well beyond our current ability).
  • However, the evolutionary time/moment for humankind to be receptive would be impossible to compute – as this would involve many factors in the evolution of life on Earth – including the other grand extinctions from external causes, which would upset any trends in evolution. This would put great strain on our conception of Gaia having these computational skills – in addition to the ability to manipulate planetary orbits.
  • The easiest explanation would be to have some force move the moon to its proper orbit around the time humans were ready.  To involve alien species from outer space only complicates the manipulation. The easiest solution would be for Gaia/Humankind to use telekinesis to move the moon!
  • The above considerations appear to make tweaking the Earth-Moon-Sun-Humankind system highly unlikely – BY KNOWN MEANS.  If we stretch our reality to give Gaia forecasting ability and agency, we must be open to radically new ways “change can happen” that we have not yet experienced.  Science is conservative and often won’t consider the reality of an empirically confirmed phenomenon until they have a process to explain it.  The phenomenon of Continental Drift (evidenced by coastline matching and similar fossils at conjugate points) was rejected by geologists until they had a mechanism that could move the tectonic plates. The evidence for some paranormal phenomena is rejected because there are no explanatory mechanisms and no means to “regulate” the occurrence of the phenomena. Calling a phenomenon “telepathy” or “pre-cognition” doesn’t provide an explanation.
  • Generally, well described and documented phenomena are not accepted by science until there is an explanation within the accepted contexts of science.
  • Moving the moon would be a major undertaking. But, the continuation of the 4+ billion year emergence of Gaia might be an even more powerful reason. I admit THIS IS ANTHROPOMORPHIZING, which doesn’t make it wrong.  Remember, Nu Genesis is being proposed as a new useful Origins Myth for humankind, not yet as a scientific hypothesis.