I hope that a process of OLLO emerges, centered around convergence on collective comprehension of the conceptual schemes sketched in this solutionatique, labeled UPLIFT and Societal Metamorphosis. Each of these conceptual schemes are nested/networked organizations of other conceptual schemes. In ordinary terms, I hope that participants will attempt to learn-to-learn how to comprehend Larry/nuet’s “offering” to a level sufficient to determine whether his “proposal” has merit, calling for more energy and time devoted to it by more persons.  Basically, will a team emerge that assumes responsibility to begin the practical design/implementation of UPLIFT?

UPLIFT and Societal Metamorphosis are quite different types of conceptual schemes. For efficiency I will use the abbreviations  UL and SM to label these two conceptual schemes. This distinction and its importance is a recent insight.

UL is the sketch of a generative strategic scheme, that when developed would be a scaffolding to support the real-time activities of human persons towards the accomplishment of a set of evaluate-able objectives and desired goals. Teams working from this sketch of UL should be able to construct a very concrete proposal for a system of real-time projects. JFK announced a project to get a few humans to the moon and back, safely, in a decade: The Apollo Program. This paper announces a project to “educate/organize a very large percent of humans with knowledge and abilities for survival/thrival in a decade”.

More precisely, UL is a generative process working within a developing structure (persons and things) resulting in a measurable uplifting of the distribution of conceptual/intuitive/performance competencies of (eventually) the whole of humankind.

UPLIFT cannot be created/constructed by one person. UL can be catalyzed by a competent team. One person knowledgeable about UL and SM (whether Larry or anyone else) cannot create the requisite team – alone as an entrepreneur. Ashbey’s Law of Requisite Variety applies here, one human can’t access the requisite “controls” to manage a social system of so many independent variables. Our days are too short. Larry specifically lacks the requisite competencies to “organize the team to organize the initial design of the project to design UL”  However, that team may emerge from the dialog around this paper.

UL will galdee in stages, experimentally and with corrective feedback. Each stage will have real humans engaged in quality interaction with other humans and their collective creations (useful patterns in cyberspace). One major enterprise is their continuing changing the accessible database of their collective creations, which are in turn used as scaffolding seafing the real-time activity of persons. [This is related to action-research and adaptive organization, but not so limiting.]

A part of UL will be semiotic structures (sems) organized, stored & accessed via intelligent technology – as physical structures (intelligent technology).

One initial project within UL would be to compose a project proposal that would meet standard criteria for proposals for projects today. I composed such proposals decades ago for educational projects. Those proposals detailed Goals, Objectives, Activities, Objectives Evaluation, Activities Evaluation – in its most crude description – and were the administrator’s guide to performance.  UL is an ongoing cycling of project design and project execution, a cycling of scripting-scaffolding and performing-within-scaffolding (performing including creative improvisation). Details of later stages must be left to those stages just prior.  The Apollo Program was as success using this general approach.  The whole future need not, nor should/can not, be programmed from the beginning, a top-down tyranny. But, stages ahead must be seriously considered. Some may use the connotation of “organic” to the process (but much of life is quite deterministic, if complex – in a holistic sense of complex Gaia and her fractal-like subsystems), to distinguish it from mechanistic unfolding.

In short, UPLIFT is the sketch of a proposed strategy for

SM is an open-ended IMAGINATIVE SPECULATION [vision] of an alternative future scenario of life on Gaia, specifically what humankind does in the next few decades and on through centuries and millennia. SM is a very positive and (from within some contexts) a highly valuable option for humankind to duck the consequences of Earth Changes forecasts.  [I want to avoid using visual analogs, as they may interfere with adequate comprehension – as the concept or conceptual scheme may not be visually imagined. Strong visualizers will attempt to visualize everything.]

SM may be conceptualized as a goal and hoped for consequence of a successful UL.

SM will primarily emerge, not be created by design or plan. But, UL can help determine the initial conditions for the emergence of order from chaos, and create periodic interventions to tweak the galdee of NU.  NU is the name I give the Societal Butterfly Humanity that emerges via SM from the contemporary (Societal Caterpillar) state of Humankind/Gaia.

SM can be as scientifically comprehended as the molecular/cellular/organistic changes inside the chrysalis . The difference is that we can observe Biological Metamorphosis while Societal Metamorphosis is a possible reality in our future. The analogies are very real.  I “believe” SM will not happen without a successful UL. Humanity is a living-systems-organization of human-persons-in-syntony with Gaia.  Emergent Humanity can influence its SM future by constructing (properly utilizing engineering design/production technologies) specific scaffolding within which the initial stages of SM will occur. SM will not occur via the swarming of existing humans, even if Awakened to their Spiritual Potential and Conscious assets/liabilities.

In short, Societal Metamorphosis is one possible evolutionary path
for the emergence of a nu Humanity/Gaian syntony.