I was disappointed by both Bernie and Hillary during the debate; primarily as they performed ONLY in competition and missed so many good opportunities to attract and educate potential voters.

Bernie should have learned from Rubio so as not to repeat his lines. He says often almost exactly the same little speeches, each time he speaks.  They are good, but eventually a follower will want to hear more and different.  He missed many opportunities to defang Hillary’s snide attacks, only to launch into a old spiel. His stage presence, smiles and frowns, need to be improved. He doesn’t look “presidential”. I am beginning to wonder if he has any competent advisers.

I am concerned how he would function in debate with the GOP nominee, should he win the primary. He may be destroyed and enable his GOP opponent to win. Bernie appears to be holding up very well under the stresses of the campaign; but has he the staying power? I would like to view scenes where he was in negotiation with others, or in sessions with his staffs making decisions.

Hillary bothers me by creating false distinctions between she and Bernie. Her details are only rough sketches – although they may be written up to look professional. In every area, what either would get through as legislation or program will be dependent on the circumstances. They need to have a continued, mediated dialog on details, which is impossible in the traditional competitive process.

I am concerned that the followers of each are actually only a bit better informed than the followers of the GOP candidates. Their support of each is very superficial, and they are unable to perceive problems with their favorite candidates. Unfortunately, I hear the same from almost all media commentators.

Both candidates bother me about their attitude towards Russia. They are both fully in support of continued USA hegemony, and can’t see USA/EU approaches in the Ukraine as a threat to Russia.  They also continue the falsehoods about Iran and seem unaware of the full nature of the dictatorships of Saddam and Qaddafi (and Tito). However, I wouldn’t expect Bernie to express this position, but he doesn’t need to come on as a hawk.

Part of the problem is the moderators, who don’t ask good questions, and the questions they do ask are designed to generate superficial disagreement. Their questions don’t inform me as to who might be a better president.

INSIGHT: Are there ways we might create an online dialog session with Bernie and Hillary?  If we could attract some “name” persons to dialog with them, and we get petitions for their participation, they might find it necessary to join. This needs a separate post. This might be a tactic in moving towards TEAM POTUS.