Sensory dominant was hot water. Consciousness heavy on feeling/emotions as abstractions flashed conceptual/emotive imagery of recognized significance. Occasional “words” appeared. All “thought” limited to “practical considerations” as what was I going to do with this after the shower.  Now about an hour from the experience, with no conscious recollection – only my “telling a story” of an exciting adventure of mind.

Propose the term “existents” as units in existential ontology, slightly better then”entities”. “Things” too vague.

Essential circularity of thought; why so frequently denied?

QM never fully developed its core: observer/observed interaction.  Quickly the “observer” was reduced to mere instrumentation/data-collection, also physical systems.  Life/Mind was quickly squeezed out of QM practice and hard theory. Many physicists speculated philosophically, leading to Schrodinger’s WHAT IS LIFE? and the gedanken experiment with a cat in a box.  Many others have attempted to use the success of QM in physics to justify their speculations about spirit, mind, consciousness, and cosmos – but there is no direct implication other than wishful thinking.  If this were recognized, the fundamental epistemological/ontological mix in QM physics could be applied to these other domains – as a tool – and be free of constraints by tying it too closely to physics. Why do they seek justification in reductionist science?

Mind/Brains are the most significant existents, yet they are all but trivialized in our worldviews.  This is NOT from my Giesterblitz, but in relationship to that phenomenon and how we make such little use of human creative processes (in spite of what awesome accomplishments have been achieved).

  •     Thinking about having quality recording devices (in the shower) runs into the issue of how attempting to record would disrupt the process.  However, recognizing that such processes are possible, humankind might develop methods to probe mind/brains in ways to reveal much that is hidden within.
  •     What might be created/developed to probe nuet (brain pic Larry) and could be applied to many others.
  •     The potential yet unexpressed within the collective minds/brains of contemporary humankind may be of equal significance/utility as the collected/organized semiotic structures speculated for a future Global Brain.

Much of my Geisterblitz was related to Quantum ideas applied to nuet (mostly forgotten).

The past half hour I have been having a very frustrating experience with computer SEARCH. 1/16/2013 1:50 PM . I am unable to get any search system find Geisterblitz (other than pages in Google of a glass blowing company using that name). This was NOT the case a few months ago.

  •     Is the use of all terms in our language as part of brand names destroying our use of search as a valuable tool?