The final resolution of the nature of our solar system, with the works of Tycho Brahe, Kepler, and Copernicus finally put retrograde motion to bed.  Science/Mathematics/Technology had matured greatly during the challenge to predict and comprehend the strange motion of the planetary wanderers.

These tools and techniques were now available to explore the rest of nature, leading to the Industrial Revolution and the rise of Globalized Humankind.

We don’t know the relationship between the science/math of the night sky and the emergence of a visible language. But, the rise of a sci/math/tech society was dependent on visible and thus replicable language. This, too, may have been significantly delayed had there not been total solar eclipses.

We can only speculate where humankind would be had we not had the unique Moon-Earth-Sun system with total solar eclipses at the time of emergent humankind.