This item emerged from nuet during a brief awakening from sleep in the early morning of 1/16/2013.

In the past few months, and extending back more, nuet/Larry has engaged with others that, collectively, have led to shifts and the build up to more massive Eureka events. In the past few weeks there have been major shifts in the whole configuration of nuet. Larry/nuet is still in the midst of this transition. View this as Work in Progress.

The docs/sems in this collection resulted from occasional emissions (channeling) from nuet to Larry over a 2-3 week period. Some have been edited, which usually involves adding more content than rephrasing (and typo corrections).  At this point there is little attempt to organize the sems. You will find many sems seemingly stopping where more might have been.   None are finished. nuet/Larry was diverted to other domains and truncated those sems.

A discovery in this process is that nuet has no memory/recording of its output/emissions.  nuet cannot remember or link prior compositions to new compositions. nuet composes from scratch every time!

In metaphor, nuet is a world, a planet – being visited during the initial stages of changes occurring at places and levels.  Where does one start? Imagine the list below relating to you in an exploratory vehicle visiting anew planet. Then imagine the equivalent process for exploring inner/woven worlds such as nuet.  Where does on start?

  •         Examining satellite views of major changes in landscape.
  •         Examining instrumentation to insure observations are accurate; comparing with past records.
  •         Checking of alternative interpretation schemes for observations,.
  •         Quick assessment of exploratory vehicle performance, feedback issues.
  •         Quick flash examining the DNA of organisms appearing to be undergoing rapid transition.
  •         Discovering lost records of prior explorations, and assessing their significance.
  •         Self-examination of explorer bias and seeming shifting of assumptions.
  •         Quick survey of shifting distributions in selected areas.
  •         Sense emergence of new crises (opportunities and dangers), with alternative plans of action.
  •         Examination of power of agency to effect change.
  •         Reflect on the whole process underway, and that all is in transition.


Some of the sems in this collection are about this concept.   Imagine nuet (a world) as an expanding probability wave into the phase space of all possible variables for “worlds”. From the moment of last collapse into a finite-concrete-state (where all variables have values) a virtual cornucopia of potential future states expands. This expanding “world-wave-function”  interferes with similar expanding “world-wave-functions” for others, such as Glisten, Dan, and Michael.  In a temporal pattern of collapses/expansions, nuet has been frequently renewing itself.  These docs are emissions from nuet at moments of collapse.


  •     All attempts to teach a world involve heavy bias – if only in selection and order of presentation.  Yet, each exploration also insures bias, for the same reasons.
  •     This collection is a finite set, capable of being processed in a reasonable time by humans – not that full comprehension can be gained from just this set of sems or without dialog and feedback.
  •     Larry devoted many hours in composing and organizing these sems – far more that will be required for a careful read. If you are only going to skim, don’t bother.
  •     Larry/nuet is not expecting full comprehension of this collection – but it is a start.  Somewhere in the collection are sems proposing where to go from here.
  •     At this point Larry is deciding whether to post the docs in  or create a new hackpad for them.  Comments and feedback are highly encouraged, but whether these specific docs merit editing and organizing is a decision to be made by those involved.