My mind is bursting with so many ways to start this and so many distractors trying to divert my focus and energy. This sem references a meme: ECOLOGICAL & HOLARCHICAL CONTEXTS than never was adequately explicated, as other topics (memes) intervened.  This meme require further exploration.

I could start with some very concrete examples and weave them into comprehensive conceptual schemes (the so-called inductive approach).  Or, I could start “at the top”, citing “abstract fundamentals”, then bring in more concrete situations as examples (the so-called deductive approach).  Which approach is “best” makes little difference so long as the student (s/he who “studies” with focus, seeking comprehension) covers it all and gives ample time to contemplate and interact.

Thus, multiple gateways to enter this learning domain are needed. Persons should start with the gateway most optimally tuned to their learning styles.

Using an outliner, I will hop back and forth, and will see what emerges. 1/7/2013 4:04 PM
Ultimately, this will be a collaborative effort.