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Of the discourse I witness on YW, I find no significance difference from the discourse in TheNextEdge, FaceBook, or Goggle+.
The discourse in Y-Worlds Development Team has little relevance to the name of this platform.
Many posts, in YW and elsewhere are quite interesting and attract me to comment; but they are not high priority when facing THE BIG CHALLENGE.

All movements are highly insular, although each believes they approach being comprehensive.

Jabber, Jabber, Jabber  — at all levels of relevance and sophistication is THE mode of activity.

New TOOLS emerge, but appropriate human TECHNIQUES are in short supply.

  •     Once one filters out technological enhancements I speculate that the distribution of patterns of human discourse and actions have not really changed. Basically, we could map most of the types and styles of human activity today back on those decades, even centuries ago.
  •     One technological track that probably can attribute to shifts in distributions of human interaction is that related to the Information Timeline.

Many human systems are different, but not clearly better nor necessarily reesee for humankind’s needs.

We can no longer continue to downplay EVIL ESTABLISHED POWER, and sugarcoat our conception of reality so as to avoid the paralyzing effect of fear. Appropriate fear is a gift; it warns us to be hyper alert and be prepared to act – but fear doesn’t inform us of what actions to take.

Although details need yet to revealed, the follow are FACTS (as much as there can be facts) and many of the perpetrators of these events (or their “descendants”)remain in power.
Assassination is a proven tool to remove leaders from power positions (or block their movement into power positions). This includes presidents and presidents to be.  JFK, RFK, MLK and many, many more.  Many leaders are constrained from acting as the would want in fear of assassination.

  •             Aaron Swartz probably made the movements that ended his life – a suicide. But, in reality he was assassinated, and possibly his pressures manipulated to drive his behavior,  Swartz may be an example of new assassinations (death or removal from influence) of persons believed to become important (negatively, for establishments) in the future.  MLK was assassinated shortly after he moved to support the anti-Vietnam war movement, where his influence would have been too significant to tolerate.  RFK has to die before he had a platform to explore his brother’s assassination.
  •             The USA is no better and no worse than other power systems.  It has mastered its PR to keep its population believing in its Exceptional Uniqueness. Given its power and resources, the USA’s “more humane code [if real]” can actually cause far more suffering and destruction than smaller but more “obviously evil” nations. In blocking actions by other constituencies, the USA may be causing far more destruction into the future than any actions it takes.

False Flags are a proven tool to force a major change.  911 was deliberate to move the USA into its present state. Disaster Capitalism or the Shock Doctrine is a proven tool of those willing to kill and destroy to gain – both by elites and by those resisting elites.  Imagine how life would be different had 911 not occurred.

  •             The phrase “inside job” diverts attention to possible conspirators by implying that formal agencies and institutions were involved – which is probably not the case.  Informal “conspiratorial gangs” within formal institutions, in collaboration with other such “gangs” are the more likely origins.
  •             The biggest conspiracy is the concerted action to totally discredit all “conspiracy thinking”, partly by flooding the media with stupid “conspiracy theories”.
  •             It is astounding how much “raw evidence” exists to totally discredit establishment (conspiracy) theories of critical happenings. They trust their ability from blocking any serious consideration from mainstream media.

Corporate Power can be Planetary Destructive, and with their financial influence are able to manipulate almost everything else. They are not omnipotent, but are far more “evil” than even their biggest opponents imagine – primarily due to unexpected (or ignored) consequences.

  •             The financial sector is now the most powerful. Every sector has their LOC (Legal Organized Crime) “conspiracy”:  Fossil Fuels, Weapons, Food & Medicines, Intelligence, Science & Education, etc.  Monsanto and BP and Goldman Sachs are the most visible, but probably not the most dangerous.
  •             This is not the place to dissect and analyze the complex nature of “corporatism’ – but such a study will reveal substantial weaknesses under the sheen of excessive power.  They cannot be “defeated” but they can be “replaced”.

Powers compose and manipulate most of the sems that inform Earth’s human population of what “is going on” outside their local domain.  There are sem systems designed and researched to manipulate those who might oppose these powers – meaning liberals, progressives, and those who believe themselves to be immune to propaganda.  The world beyond our immediate senses is far from what it appears through our media-of-sems.

  •             A few know that the world is not what it appears, but can only speculate on what the world “really is” or how it is “really changing”. Yet, they must act within this uncertainty.

   ALL wars of the 20th century we engineered for gain by powers – and never to protect people, other than incidentally if protecting your power you also protect some of your people (and sacrifice more to the war and its wave into the future). Sometimes intentional war creates true monsters which must then be defeated in a crusade for “god and country”.

  •             Fascism that led to Nazism and Hitler was the globally accepted means of Economic/Political systems in competition with early anarchism and socialism/communism. Henry Ford financed the early Hitler and IBM enabled the data keeping for the extermination camps during the war. Some speculate that Hitler was groomed to defeat Stalin, a plot that backfired when Stalin made a temporary pack with Hitler, giving him the freedom to expand westward through Europe and threaten Great Britain. The top economic power elites of the USA and Germany cooperated with each other all through WWII.  USA corporate leaders consulted with Nazi leaders to organize a military coup against FDR, with was fortunately blocked when the general, Smedley Butler they asked to lead the coup blew the whistle.
  •             Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more lesser “wars” and “occupations” had their origins in more intentional competition between power blocks, and never for the protection of peoples living within those blocks.
  •             Some power factions gain greatly from war, and other intentional disasters.

 Hierarchical power structures attract and filter dangerous sociopaths to top positions. These leaders can make decision that lead to massive destruction and death where “normal” humans with empathy are unable to do.  And, they demand very high rewards to do their job.  Other humans suffering from a variety of mental dysfunctions can wreck havoc if they have financial resources. Billionaires and millionaires influence in politics today is dangerous, but is not the same a big corporate influence.

 Top power structures can hire “the best and brightest” to do their bidding. Highly intelligent and highly creative individuals (some savants) are employed by the top power institutions on this planet.  Intelligence and creativity is not strongly coupled with “morality” or “ethics”.  Power may be near-sighted in some ways, but they are never to be taken as stupid or naive.

  •             For example, take the challenges of Climate Change.  Specific powers (fossil fuel) successfully blocked popular attention to the threats of climate change for decades, and were able to influence a majority of leaders in believing their engineered denial views. Contemporary consequences of global heating, primarily weather related natural disasters, have alerted most leaders that THEIR POWER may be threatened. Since they cannot imagine giving up their power so as to avoid worse case scenarios, they remain skeptical and prefer to seek how they can ADAPT and even GAIN from climate change.
  •             That this adaptation may result in the loss of 3/4 of the human population will be a price “they” will have to pay. Living in high tech domed cities with food production for the half billion people left can again be tolerated – as they have very poor comprehension of a world beyond the limited econo-centric power perspective.
  •             Given that these power elites are not to be disposed immediately, those of us concerned about significant alternative in the near future may find this shift towards adapting to climate change temporarily advantageous.  Climate Change Adaptation could be the new WPA, where our material and human resources are again mobilized to prepare for what climate change brings. For this to happen the top financial sector will need to be reigned in, and if done correctly the suffering on Earth could be reduced (for the short term).  These are big IFs; adaptation could go hand in glove with oppressive austerity.

        UGLY AT THE BOTTOM.  Shooters, serial killers, criminal cartels, real terrorists, corruption everywhere– all on the rise and all being equipped with new tools and technologies to further their activities.  Mad groups equipped with WMD is a real threat at local and regional levels. They are an irritation to the big powers, who are often able to use them.  Remember Iran-Contra.  Some claim the powers in the USA back the Mexican cartels to keep Mexico from progressing as it has the real potential to do.

All the above is REAL, but it is very far from the whole story.  About that, in another section.