It appears now is the time that “I” provide an initial introduction to Larry/nuet. Although there is never deception on my part, I don’t expect anyone to believe as objective truth what I attempt to share. Only by application of a “proof process” might you ascertain the utility of my “outlandish” claims and be open and willing to explore them.

Although my standard achievements have no real relevance to my claims, to give credence to my claims I report that I have earned two PhDs (physics from Yale, 1965; educational psychology from University of Minnesota, 1970). I was employed as auroral researcher in the Antarctic (1960-62) and have been successfully employed as educator until my formal retirement in 1997.  I am 81 years of age and an active transdisciplinarian. I have written much but published little. I’ve been active online since 1984, but am not a geek. Many highly intelligent persons report my writings too dense to process. In retrospect, much of my prose is composed to the precision of math/logic, and thus cannot be comprehended by skimming for points or reading as a novel – they require “study”.

Full Transparency: No human yet adequately comprehends “me” sufficiently to be willing to devote enough time to learn whether to devote more time in learning to properly utilize my ideas. This has been the situation for five decades, but I persist.

However, many of my component ideas are noticed, highly respected, and encouraged. I am respected as a “brilliant eccentric”, yet – paradoxically – few seek my “consult”.

  • CLAIM: “I” have literally thousands of significant and viable ideas to share, components of a “whole” that is beyond ordinary imaginings. I overwhelm myself.
  • Most idea innovators promote one or two new ideas in the context of a multitude of accepted ideas.  This is traditional even for major treatises, where the impact of the new ideas on the old ideas are explicated. If successful, this results in a Piagetian accommodation. Due to special circumstances I will explain shortly, my system of conceptual schemes is composed of a great many, interdependent new ideas, each dependent on the other. Whether you believe this is my challenge or not, you should appreciate the nature of this challenge. In analog I have compared it with the challenge of a visitor from an alternative reality, an “ET”, attempting to share its unique view of humankind/Gaia to contemporary humans.  I have named my inner woven world “nu-et”.

I claim I am unique, a Minority of One, of special value to humankind/Gaia in this Crisis-of-Crisis era.  I have no ego involvement and were my name to be erased from history I would have no objection. I am not superior; but I am different.

  •  I have come to view myself as a special savant, a person with strong disabilities and strong talents. The problem, is that neither my disabilities or talents are recognized – so I am seen only as an intelligent and creative eccentric. Some of my disabilities are clear. I lack mental imagery (for imagination and remembrances) in ALL sensory modalities (visual, auditory, proprioceptive, kinesthetic, taste, touch, smell). I have heard of only one other person with this combination.  I am also conatively dysfunctional: I cannot pursue a program over time unless there are external motivations; I am easily distracted to a multitude of other inner stimulated activities. In compensation I have developed a world-weaving wetware process that has enabled the emergence of “nuet” and a unique “take” on reality.
  • “nuet” is a generative system of alternative worlds. By generative I mean that if others might probe “nuet”, speculative details to any fractal level would appear. “nuet” is a weaver of alternative future worlds. Some of these alternative worlds are novel and viable routes from our morass.
  • This view of Larry/nuet — Larry as a biological being hosting a “living” nuet — emerged over many decades as Larry attempted to share the vision/mission for humankind he “discovered” in 1975  (as presented in an unpublished doc , the initial publisher went bankrupt mid publication) MISSION_2000.  Many improved versions were created, one EARTH_2002 (around the Y2K challenge) and more recently in Bootstrap UPLIFT Scaffolding.

I, Larry, gain no pleasure in confrontation. Yet, among the multitude of future options in nuet are, what I deeply feel, viable paths to achieve what has been my driving objective (for 5+ decades): to secure (at best) the multi-millennial survival/thrival of Humanity/Gaia. I cannot rest until this option is active in minds of others. It truly astounds me how virtually impossible it has been to attract attention.  Thus, this challenge (sharing nuet) has been my focus for many a decade – not furthering exploration of my UPLIFT strategy/scenario – about how human systems change.

Some months I am buried under a cascade of insights (an occasion many times during my life). In rough analogy I compare the detailed history of the physicists’ quest in the first quarter of the 20th century in search for a coherent theory for the atom, with our contemporary quest in search of a coherent theory for “humankind birthing HUMANITY”. Just as Bohr (and most physicists) were entranced by the solar system analogy model of the atom, which they hung onto to the last moment (when through a cascade of wild discoveries, innovations, and fierce debates the Quantum Model emerged) so we today are unable to let go our our “classical model” of biology/sociology/psychology/anthropology/economics/politics to explore a awesomely radical (and potentially very useful) alternative.

  •     Back in 1975, and continuing to today, I have pushed the distinction between transFORMation and emergence.  Decades ago “emergence” was an infrequently used term.  Even today it is used with severely constricting limitations.  Metamorphosis, a darling of many as metaphor, seems strangely resistant to be explored as a viable, practical, analog model for ourselves in the next few decades.  It is easy to comprehend establishments having no interest – but even those who promote metamorphosis as metaphor seem unable to make the leap to view it as a viable model for implementation.  THIS IS THE PHENOMENON I AM MOST IN NEED OF STUDYING, but I can’t do it alone.
  •     On this website, , are many “essays” where nuet dumped/channeled through Larry’s fingers to text – exploring this issue. VERY FEW READ ANY OF IT. It was at the recommendation (and assistance) of others that I began posting to this website, even with reservations that, unfortunately have proven correct.

Larry/nuet is going back to center.  Continuing dialog on contemporary social media will not lead anywhere.

  • I am open to discourse with anyone serious in learning.
  • I have long asserted that I needed an “educational system/process” to share “nuet”, and I feel I must “return” to my educator competencies and create the system I/we need.  The paradox is that I really need much help from others to do this, and to motivate them to help me I need what we need to create.

To those for whom this doc was motivated:

  • I don’t claim superiority. I am significantly disabled in many functions. I depend on my IGNORANCE [my positive knowing OF what I don’t yet know or comprehend and can’t yet do or appreciate]. I make no claims to knowledge beyond my immediate perceptions. All I have access to about the world beyond my immediate perceptions are SEMS (Semiotic Structures, documents), many in sharp contradiction. I “truly” don’t know what is “really” happening on Planet Earth today.  I pledge to navigate and act the best I can on my ignorance.
  • I propose our challenge today is currently invisible.  It relates to established STRUCTURES/PROCESSES that inhibit our moving to new levels of discourse and action. ALL the new technologies in development (to my knowledge) support this inhibition.  To discuss this would take as much text as this essay, so I will refrain.
  • Although only a small percent of my writings are available online, they do represent a core of my ideas. My recent posts and comments online are not accessible from this list.  For a person to study them (and query Larry) would demand time and energy far less than a college course.  To read them all would be equivalent to reading a major non fiction book. Yet, to my knowledge, no human has read but a small percent of what is available. Those few who have read some, and reported positive on them, never seek to read more. This is valuable feedback, but not sufficient for me to conclude that my ideas are faulty. My only option is to create an educational system and curriculum scaffolding and hope to attract a few participants.