The innate inventiveness of humankind is independent of its development of visible languages and science/math.  Early humans were high technological innovators – and “primitive” indigenous peoples still are.  We are MASTER MAKERS OF THINGS. Including practical things, things that help us do other things.

What moved humankind to its technological/making competency emergence?  For along time humankind existed with the same level of stone tool technology – with no significant innovations.  Then suddenly, new tools emerged, and new art forms as well.  These new meta skills were probably essential for the rapid advancements that occurred as the result of the focus on retrograde motion, resulting from total solar eclipses.

As yet, science has no good hypotheses as to what happened to awaken humankind from its plateaued progress in technological and artistic competencies about 50,000 years ago. There are two schools: The Great Leap Forward school and The Continuity school. Might this also be a case for Gaian intervention?

Tool & Instrument design and construction is another great asset of humankind, distinguishing it sharply from all other animals. The roots of all these human assets can be found in other mammals and animals, which we are now discovering. If they weren’t there they would have been unlikely to emerge in humans. Yet, their synergistic emergence in humankind heralds a quantum leap for humankind, and for Gaia.