Glisten and Dan encountered the potentials of nuet and YW about the same time.
Alan and YW provided a real platform for action whereas Larry/nuet was vague.

The project to make nuet’s archives accessible was, IMHO, relegated to the vague process being developed in YW.

  •     Neut’s archives has to be indexed to be fed in the computer organizer when it was ready.
  •     Larry was quickly set up with tasks he never fully understood and when he expressed his concern as whether this would be useful, was basically ignored.
  • has been a platform for Larry to blog; but he cannot imagine it being a platform for organizing his files. The diverse nature of his files and how they might be re-organized cannot – for some reason – be a topic of discussion.  Larry’s frequent concern about the data organizing system you intend to use to “automate” the organization of nuet’s archives are never clarified.  You have been so very busy with YW that I finally relegated putting my work in accessible form to later. Yet, I sense that your are disappointed that I haven’t done more.  Frankly, I have NO IDEA about what you imagine is to be done with my work – except some years into the future as part of YW.
  •     Larry’s concern that nuet’s useful archive might be lost should he die soon has been “solved” in that most of those files are with Glisten. Making use of nuet while Larry is alive is a different issue.
  •     Processing text from nuet’s archive to a searchable database will not assist their meaningful access. Alone, it is a waste of time. With other things being done, such a database might be useful.
  •     Larry assumes responsibility for not probing for more clarification and what was to be expected by each party.
  •     Larry was invited to participate in YW, even though it was evident that it would distract him from his other tasks.  Larry does not regret the time he gave to YW.  He has learned that what he views as his relevant contributions are ignored – BUT, that is because ALL contributions are made, briefly reacted to, and then forgotten.
  •     We never had any meaningful dialog about text archives and how they can be made accessible – other than this magical program being developed by YW what will place everything in visualizable form.  Rather than be a wet blanket on your initial excitement with YW, I decided to wait and see – and to learn with through my participation with YW.  To be honest, my only gain from YW participation has been random stimulation by posts that became a vehicle for me to attempt to share a new perspective on the issue.  Given that only a few participated in the Goggle+ YW Development Team, I did get a few comments – but none were contributory to the issues I attempted to call attention to.  This is the same reaction I had to posts in TNE.  This is not new, and I have long claimed that information exchange was an inadequate mode for dynamic change. I am guilty, like everyone else, to submit to an addiction to Jabber on interesting topics and believe we are contributing.

At this point I have no reason to believe that YW will contribute anything of importance to our Big Challenge, other than being one more example of what not to do.

  •     Why are otherwise competent persons devoting their time and energy to YW.  Actually, how many are really devoting much, unless there is some spinoff involved?
  •     What specifically are GD and Dan gaining from continued participation – I AM NOT SUGGESTING STOPPING DOING WHAT YOU ARE DONING – AT THIS TIME.
  •     Too much of YW is “secret” and my critiques of YW don’t generate responses that encourage me to continue association with YW.
  •     YW might be a diversion from actions that are really needed to face our Big Challenges.
  •     My assessment of our lack of adequate comprehension of the deep nature of our Big Challenges and our current lack of any deep understanding of what we actually are doing, leads to a conclusion that the objectives of YW are beyond the contemporary competencies of participants and leaders. Competency uplift is required.

Beyond nuet’s archives, most of the key ideas for nuet’s scenario to meet our Big Challenge are accessible online AT THIS TIME.  Whether it be UPLIFT, BUS, SeafNet, NuEdu or any of the other of nuet’s ideas – I had hoped that someone might have ventured to consider exploring the potentials of nuet as a worthwhile venture.  Within nuet’s “publications” are many concrete proposals of actions to move action forward.  A week or two of concerted effort could create a program that, IMHO, would have far greater promise in than YW, Zeitgeist, or Thrive.

In writing all these linked essays, I am again excited about our real potentials.  Maybe these essays, if actually read, may provide a motivation to at least explore the real merits of nuet’s future scenario.  I also have some new starting activities to propose.

Meanwhile – there are MONTHS of hard labor Larry needs to perform to become far more productive – that are not directly related to nuet’s ideas.  Most relate to Larry establishing and learning to be more reesee in his work.  He will be tuning up his computer system, learning to use his Droid Bionics cell and Kindle Fire, explore creating a powerful presence in Cyberspace, organizing some people in Tucson as a support team, etc.   Actually, much of this is part of what nuet is beginning to realize is what WE ALL need to be doing. More relevant learning in many domains.