How do we limit ourselves?

  • It isn’t the we limit OURSELVES; rather WE ARE LIMITED; by nature we are limited. We can’t fly like birds or stay under water indefinitely like fish. Men can’t give birth to babies.  From the full field of all human potential competencies (with a wide range of abilities for most competencies) each person fills spaces like a wire sculpture. Our limitations contribute as much to who we are as our acquired competencies.
  • Also, conscious choice was not a major factor in who we become. At any moment it seems we make a conscious choice, our choice is largely determined by who we are at that moment.  Those who “succeed” were blessed by a mix of genes&early-environment to develop competencies for success in their societal environment. Cyberteams may collectively fill much more of competency space. Our wire sculptures can entwine into a beautiful knot (positive, like in Celtic Knot). Humans do have creative agency, but it is not in the form of “free will control”.  Those who “control” have learned the skills of controlling (by being in the right place [nature/nurture] at the right time) and believe their conscious mind is in control.

What might we accomplish if we weren’t afraid?

  • What is the cause of our fear? Our intuitive/emotional minds crave positive social relationships. A social hurt effects our brains as much as sever physical injuries. We are aware of social interaction a short time after they happen, often after we have already responded. Feedback can modulate extended behavior that are more than responses.  We fear being rejected, so we play it safe. We fear exposing our limitations because we have been indoctrinated to believe we should not have, and not show, limitations. Our most damaging fears are not conscious; they limit our imagination. Others will never really comprehend who we are until the can positively know both our assets and handicaps.

How to make what is unconscious, conscious?

  • In general, we don’t.  Do you want to be conscious of each of you muscle reactions to what you see, moment by moment, as you drive a car at high speeds in heavy traffic?  The subliminal intuitive/emotional mind is absolutely necessary. It is somewhat extreme, but Viki McCabe views our conscious experience as projections of our conceptual theories. What we see visually is our theory of what we are seeing – things doing things. Every thing we attend to either has a name or we can give it a name. To perceive what “is really there” would mean we couldn’t think about what we were experiencing. Some may approach this situation in strong altered brain states, when they Oh and Ah. Our experientials are very important to who we are, they define us as a species. Creating theories is one of our greatest assets. Unfortunately, today we are indoctrinated to many false or dangerous theories, which are reinforced by our social environments. If we don’t continue believing in our false theories we may lose our social connections.  CATCH-22.  Good theories about who we really are and what human societies might be are essential to our ability to make it happen.
  • It is important that we don’t make one of the minds more important than the other – as was unfortunately done about our brain liberality, our two brain hemispheres. Myths of this laterality are still bandied about in the most enlightened circles.  Pentland believes our two minds have already adjusted to each other. What he believes we need to do is better comprehend what each can do.  We need to do this, but I speculate our two minds are like youngsters in their voyage to homeostasis.  There already is a “call” to return to our mammalian mind, use less words, think less – EXPERIENCE more.  Then we will swarm to utopia. Swarming is the dance of unconscious minds, responding RAPIDLY to STRUCTURAL INFORMATION “INTUITIVELY” DETECTED AND AUTOMATICALLY RESPONDED TO.  I don’t believe reasoning/creative human minds can swarm as do insects, fish, and birds.
  • How many persons view the “unconscious” as negative?  Most, if not all, creation EMERGES (to consciousness, from where, the unconscious – pure metaphor), they happen, they are not made to happen by a willful mind.  Many psychiatrists still believe in Freud’s unconscious (the repository of repressed ideas, trying to get out). Jung’s “collective unconscious” is not much better, if examined carefully (an archaic world imprinted on our brains or tapping into some external spiritual/metaphysical domain). We are subject to the unconscious mind, as if were something other than ourselves.  We are our whole minds, all of it.
  • What drives us is part of us.  It is ourselves that resist indoctrination.  This drive wasn’t created by a disembodied soul, self, or ego. This drive that is beyond adaptation had creative agency. In retrospect I witness evidence of its creative drive – to vision something nu and to have a mission to make the vision manifest.


There was nothing for me to vote for or against in the primaries; no competition for the democrats.  We had intended to vote anyway, but then didn’t – first time in a long time.

I am not sure we might be better off if the GOP were totally victorious. Either Obama is not in charge, or he is part of the plot. The Tea Party may have been a deep conspiracy of those behind USA current ventures trying to maintain dollar dominance, to create a horrible alternative to Obama so that liberals wouldn’t criticize what “he” is silently doing.  All I have to go on are reports. A recent one said there are almost no people who remember Obama at Columbia.  His admittance to Harvard and appointment as editor of the Harvard Law Review (when only a student) was facilitated by a Saudi.

The electoral process is DEAD.  It remains a formality for manipulation.  I hope I am surprised to witness some of our current laws and practices reversed.  There are so many proposals that people believe have a chance – but I see no chance.  Persons confuse the statement of an objective with a strategy/scenario to achieve that objective. It is so prevalent that I am calling it UNBELIEVABLE. A variation of the blindspot.  Even my UPLIFT strategy/scenario as many gaps. Indeed, my own proposals are but a linked SERIES OF OBJECTIVES.  However, I do realize the need for action programs and believe they will flow from a process being created to achieve the objectives.  In one sense, my model of cycling scripting/performing or Engineering Scaffolding & Flowing within Scaffolding appears whole & consistent.  A mental block is confusing  the Design/Construction of scaffolding with Composing/Distributing/Networking sems.  Once I did the former, but not for decades. I need scaffolding for my sems and the relevant sems of others, as a starter.

A new contact finds my writing FORMIDABLE & PRECISE, to which we agree on details.  He seems to comprehend my “formidable and precise writing” and responds in a way that I have never experienced before.  I don’t know what this means or where it will go.  Larry remains quite dysfunctional, but he seems to have focused on doing something about the looming climate change disaster.  UPLIFT needs revising. Multiple approaches to SURVIVAL may actually open the gate to consider THRIVAL.

It appears part of the UN is taking the methane runaway heating threat very seriously, sending a report ONLY to world leaders – but it has been leaked. Many influential persons and organizations are speaking out.  Yet, I fear the world leaders will face the same intuitive/emotional denial as we do – even if they conceptually acknowledge the threat.  Their best actions will be insufficient. We need to accept that humankind currently lacks the knowledge and competencies to immediately take appropriate action.  Just as at the beginning of the Apollo Program we lacked knowledge and competencies to immediately launch a manned ship to the moon.  Hell, we still hadn’t put anything into orbit – and Sputnik was the first. My IGNORANCE (knowledge OF … ) of the vast collective knowledge of humankind today informs me that we probably are ready to uplift ourselves to acquire the requisite knowledge and competencies for an integrated, multiple stage/track Survival/Thrival Expedition-in-Time.

I am more convinced of the probability of UPLIFT growing one-by-one in a rapid exponential manner ONCE the catalyst  (modified BUS) is created and implemented.  Conceptually, this is my new life focus. Whether Larry will act is a different issue.