I will begin generating a list of ideas, as they emerge, in no particular order. Many sections are incomplete.

1) We must “equally attend” to our material and cyber realities, and their interaction. Our cyber activity must be geared to OUR SURVIVAL objectives/goals. We shouldn’t need Big Data Processing, with its high energy and big hardware demands. {Once we survive our Crisis-of-Crises, new forms of Big Data Processing will be essential for Humanity to thrive.} However, We can “argue” what cyber processes (some old, some nu) will be essential. This doesn’t exclude concern/action re the misuses of cyber.

WHY CYBER?  >>>>> to be composed

2) We must OLLO to optimize our Creativity, Openness, Health & Well-Being and REEEE (Relevancy, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Enjoyability, Elegance). { OLLO is a spiralling process: Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing.} We all must fully engage in continuing Uplifting Processes to gain nu knowledge/attitudes/competencies/wisdom requisite for our “future life”.

PERSONAL UPLIFTING  >>>>>>> to be composed

3) COMMUNITIES WILL BE THE UNITS TO SURVIVE . We should never all gather at one place. However, we should arrange to move into small communities, designed to seaf (support, enable, augment, facilitate) (1) and (2) above. When possible “we” can “circulate” between communities. Communities must balance between [a] optimizing their “productivity” and [b] being prepared to “escape-to-survive”: WHEN the collapse strikes them. COLLAPSE  WILL COME.

COMMUNITY DETAILS:    \|/  \|/  \|/

Communities are the web of persons, NOT their place and things. The community can survive in new places and with new things.

The communities (before collapse) should be potentially mobile, should their surroundings become untenable for survival. Such as RVs in RV parks. Means of self-generating energy for transport will be needed, as fuel may not be available. Attention should be given to not attracting unwanted attention when moving. When possible, moving should be done before the crisis hits, if it can be forecast. Communities may periodically move to new RV parks, or create their own RV parks.

Before the collapse, members of a community can use facilities in their surroundings when available – such as libraries and universities. Members can be employed outside if appropriate and available.

Communities may have to abandon their primary facilities. Backup Basics should be secured at a location reachable by foot travel over a reasonable time. Each person in the community should have concrete plans to pack and transport essential items, should the communities facilities need to be abandoned. Alternative routes to the secure site should be chosen and frequented.

Communities should grow their own ESSENTIAL food. For mobility, some greenhouses should be on trailers.
Communities might invest in mammal transport systems – goats, horses, elephants.

Protection against thieves and assassins must be developed. However, good relations with neighbors is essential. Share, but don’t let neighbors become dependent on the community.

A careful process is needed to evaluate others wanting to join the community. Too many new members, all at once, can destroy a community; as well as “bad apples”.

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insert:::> EXTINCTION RADIO  03/2/2018  Peter Wadhams
All they can talk about are the effects on currently living humans – a sad phenomenon.

4) Alternative means for computer-computer interaction at a distance must be established. We cannot depend on The Internet, although we can use it when available (with some limitations). Portable solar power systems should be available. DEPENDENCY on “the cloud” must be abandoned for essentials.

CYBER DETAILS     \|/  \|/  \|/

Two cyber processes are distinct: (1) processing with local hardware, software & data, and (2) sharing data between different hardware locations. Synchronous interaction between distant locations is a third process. (2) is meaningless without (1). Alternative means for (2) must be available.

FLASHDRIVE PONY EXPRESS, is the ultimate backup for (2), by foot if necessary. Alternative methods for distant sharing exist and should be adapted/modified.

Replacement parts for hardware must be available. This should lead to only a few alternative hardware systems.  If possible, “we” should strive to create our own production systems for hardware. Where that is impossible, such as mining rare minerals, we should stock-up on parts.

5) Initially, our objectives are exclusively self [person & community] improvement (uplift). There is nothing we can do at this moment to significantly alter the dangerous trends. We can’t, acting now, stop climate change or societal collapse. What we can do, now, is begin preparing ourselves to be more reeee in the future that faces us. However, how we should relate to our changing “social/societal environments” will be critical.

========SHIFTING FORMAT =========



“Evil humans” are cognitive inventions by those seeking dominance and to justify their own brutality – that was simply an outcome of non manageable conflict.

The subjective realities {wrlds} of all human beings “justifies” their actions. If a human has explicit intentions to harm others or to be destructive, they experience being justified in these actions, due to the (un-chosen) events in their lives.

This does not imply that efforts should not be taken to block their destructive actions.



WE CAN’T HELP/SAVE EVERYONE     \|/  \|/  \|/

If we can literally help someone in trouble, we should use our personal judgement how to act, but help if we can – at the moment.

Our media focuses on the immediate needs/suffering of selected individuals or small groups, as a diversion from attention to the multitudes suffering/dying DAILY.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, at this time, to immediately reduce the damage being done to humankind by humankind. Indeed, there is nothing we can do to directly stop this damage from getting worse.

We must accept the collapse and near extinction of contemporary humankind, and work to survive/thrive “ourselves” – to ensure the survival of Humanity/Gaia.

Until the collapse, we should be alert for and open to “miracle proposals” that would avoid, or delay, collapse; but we shouldn’t be diverted to devote much time, unless they are realistically viable. For example, there are a set of actions – that IF TAKEN FULLY AND GLOBALLY might make a big difference. But, there is no realistic means to get contemporary financiers, corporations, governments, or agencies to support such actions. After the collapse of these institutions, there is no “ready to implement” way populations might organize to implement such actions.

NOTE: Collapse itself will reduce some types of “pollution”. but increase other types. Stopping burning dirty coal will quickly result in a permanent significant rise in temperature (removing  the sulfate from burning coal which cools).




We should seriously evaluate “working with” others organizing for survival, including those who contributed to the collapse – such as corporations and wealthy elites. This is opposite from my proposed lack of any relationship with them in Up2Met. Our sole objective is that “we” survive, for longer term thrival.

The design, construction, and placement of survival modules will require use of corporate facilities and resources. If possible, they should be mass produced. The Internet, while up, could coordinate this in ways not yet experienced. This will be explored in another doc.



Locating survival module systems in oceans will enable them to be protected from those not selected.

Surviving will be arduous; many persons will elect to die. The danger will come from those who mistakenly believe they are entitled to an easy survival, and organized gangs.