Jason, Thank you for your prompt reply, the first of three. George Por and Michael Bauwens the other two.

I don’t fault others. Everyone is overloaded, as Tom recently wrote to us. Also, my stuff is both in a difficult language style for reading and the ideas are so complex and interdependent as to require both study and dialog with me for comprehension.

We need research on how personal HRs  become a self-reinforcing ideologies inlarge population interaction. Mob psychology is but a label. Most so-called psych “explanations” are but descriptions of the phenomena.  Normal everyday explanations of Real, observed human behavior neglect 99% of our curent knowledge. The best scientific explanations also neglect most of what we know. The research findings of the social sciences is quality and substantial (although far from what can be learned), but there is no synergy leading to new overviews about humankind. Our successes in the material sciences gives us false confidence in the human sciences. Having PhDs in each, I know that the complexity of learning/knowledge for students/professors in each are equivalent. Many human sciences use complex math and some Earth sciences can be superficial description. Also, with the deep decline of graduation requirements for all but the very best (who seldom need pushing), the knowledge of credentialed learners can’t discriminate between the “hard” and “soft” sciences.

Masses of humans under continued stress probably tend toward dystopia/polarization. Our brains can’t always function optimally. Too much stress, primarily facing many survival decisions, without answers, in the morning, leaves many homeless brain dead by noon – from a study I read. There ae many factors that contribute to far from optimal brain functioning. I fear I suffer considerably.

I am not sure “countering” is a viable solution. We need more focus on what to do that works (matches with our real natures) and invent new modes of organizing (OLLO). But, we also need new strategies to stop the landslide to mass hysteria. What is happening in the USA is shear madness, and it isn’t all Trump.

Some means needs development to dialog/inform with persons isolated from their crowd and outside their silos. And avoid accusing them of anything. We may start with mind games about truth and evidence. Go slow, one on one. This requires that we must also OLLO ourselves. At this time, all that is needed is to sharply decrease the 1/3 of Americans who don’t believe we are causing climate change and that Trump speaks the truth, when calling everything we say as fake. That Trumps wrld might prevail in the USA is not impossible. Also, we must avoid treating the 30% as dumb or brainwashed – many have PhDs, others have little formal education (as do some who support Bernie). Nor are American liberals and progressives immune from their own fake realities. If we listed good and bad actions taken by the USA in any time period, or its whole history – both lists would be very long. Directly and indirectly, actions initiated by the USA has resulted in more suffering and death than any prior nation, and hardly any intentional. Co-lateral damage. Leders truly believing in their wrlds.

My way would be to approach another person as an (alien) wrld, different from nuet. We each live in our private hallucination, the content of which justifies our beliefs and behaviors. No one is intrinsically bad or good; or one chooses their wrlds.  Wrlds can change. Paradigms can shift and rarely a new espisteme can emerge. Each person needs “instruction” on developing agency and live in settings, with others, that seafs their change. Some of “us” need to OLLO to new competencies so as to infiltrate the social media of the others and slowly-but-steadily seaf their enlightenment. That means, no attacking or preaching. The others didn’t chose their beliefs, and in their wrlds “you-and-your-kind” ARE dangerous, evil, and whatever categories exist in their wrlds.  How do you feel about child molesters and serial killers?

When we speak of “everyone changing”, we must avoid modes of “mass conversion” or “mass education”. Our great personal diversity – even within a tight, ideologically bound group – must be recognized – and used as entry. I find no topic more intreaguing to others than exploring cognitive differences – my lack of mental imagery in the sensory modes proves attractive to everyone.

Our first task is independent of the others (although we probably will watch and occassionaly act in resistance). But resistance isn’t enough, and often a trap – as it shift primary focus on the other, to the neglect of ourselves. Indeed, this neglect often leads the crusaders to adopt the traits of those they fight. We need spiraling OLLO movements, attracting one-by-one, persons to join. We will quickly OLLO ourselves with new competencies, knowledge, and organization to engage the others in ways that will work.



On 11/29/2017 2:09 AM, Jason Ghionis wrote:
I’m only sending this reply to you, without having read the content of your email which I will do.
If the individual HRs collectively project dystopia/polarization, then this tends to manifest. This needs to be countered at a profound level, that everyone can identify with/grok.


This online doc, and WORD copy attachment, is the first tine I’ve seen text warn of what I’ve been contemplating ever since the election.

Summary: a sequence of events, starting with the gutting of net neutrality, which will make fighting other measures more difficult or impossible, can issue in full authoritarian rule before we can say boo.


Why this threat isn’t discussed in my wide scanning of cyberspace, even in small silos, is as weird at the results of the 2016 elections and the lukewarm resistance, since (given the magnitude of the threat).

All the evidence against “the trump phenomenon” is useless if there is no “court” or “law” to process it. MSNBC & CNN may quickly be supporting “trump” and the current commentators may be in jail. Why is no one asking whether this isn’t a SLOW COUP, and not just a weird abberation of political party conflict, that WILL/MUST resolve itself on the side of “democracy”?  Pelosi & Schumer should have attended Trump’s meeting and openly accused him of lying, and recorded the meeting, themselves. His tweet was designed so they wouldn’t attend, giving him the opportunity to create his theater – for his audience who will never know about the tweet.

“The Donald” (seriously crazy) is NOT competent to be a leader and architect of this coup; nor are any in the WH and Congress. Who their handlers are remains a puzzle, as are their longer term intentions.

Speculations on the above queries, at another time.

I, too, have not realistically faced this potential crisis – consistent with my conceptual knowledge. I periodically have sent warnings to my limited audience. A few days ago I composed a few words calling for a quick establishment of alternative digital sharing, independent of The Internet. In my senility, I can’t find it.  This has been more than a decade long concern.

I underestimated how our government/economy could quickly control social media. The article above broke through my bias. My online speed and accuracy has recently decreased significantly, and the FCC has yet to act. Google’s new search algorithym is useless for me. Paranoia?

This threat is different from the many, dangerous international adventures. Another major false flag incident in the USA would immediately bring emergency rules.


CONTRAST: Shifting from the immediate to our longer term challenges & strategies:

My primary efforts have been focused on the Long Scenario, from our Here&Now to when all major negative trends have been reversed (although I also try to attend to all holons between). Also, exploring WHO WE ARE?  What paradigms, wired into our brains from tribal times, continue today, causing us problems? I have recently assigned significance to four, the explication of which is a challenge.  I am compelled, here, to attempt to list them.


RANKING – Multi-dimensional entities can’t be “objectively” ranked, except one dimension at a time. It is invalid to rank nations, persons or ideas – however, a universal human practice. This was necessary for tribal humans – who had to make quick survival decisions on limited information.

CAUSES are human constructs. Antecedent conditions regress to the whole. Persons and nations don’t cause things to happen. Credit and blame are not objective.

FREEDOM/DETERMINISM   Creative agency doesn’t manifest in stimulus/response behavior.  Material Reality Objectivity don’t exist for consciousness and freewill.

  HR & MR  Human Reality (founded on reports) is scientifically different from Material Reality (physics).

An Epistemic Shift will emerge as we attend to these limiting paradigms. This may appear “negative” from our contemporary episteme; but discourse can reveal a “positive” perspective.


My sending this was delayed this morning by my computer crashing, and taking a long time getting my BU tuned. Then I had a 2 hr visit with my PCP, over the many factors contributing to my decline. Sorry to bombard you with such complex issues, but their urgency compels me.