I agree we must uplift ourselves.  I wonder if possible, though, in our life times.   I can’t even get a long with my partner at times.   We humble human beings even if we have PhDs in organizational development and psychology, can’t seem to get out of being ‘triggered’ by each other, no matter how hard we try to talk things out. We blow each other  up and start wars because we can’t stand the pain of whatever we think the ‘other’ has in store for us.  Acting from a place of enlightenment doesn’t work so well when someone says or does something that hits a former emotional wound we thought we had healed.
I’m sure that through centuries of working on ourselves, we will finally get to the place where we can use our highly developed language skills to create the relational world we can only dream of at present.  If this is what UPLIFT is, then probably we will have to wait until our jagged, traumatized body minds evolve beyond where they have us at present.


Sorry, very negative this morning after an awful fight with my significant other.  I can be very optimistic and positive about addressing our human problems when I’m well fed, not feeling stressed about money and security, connected well with my peers, and doing things that make me happy.  When conditions go south, I go south with them, as do we all.  Maslow had it fairly accurate…we need to stay focused on the hierarchy of needs.  It is why I also like Spiral Dynamics, because it gives us a road map of evolution, cultural evolution that is, where as Maslow just gives us a map of the individual’s evolution.
Right now we are stuck at the capitalistic stage of cultural development and until we can weave in the relational and ecological, we can’t move forward.  A few of us see this and are working on it, but it is probably centuries beyond where we are that we will see any real shiftWill the world still exist as it is?  I doubt it.  Somehow we will evolve with the changes we are making in the atmosphere, or not and some other sort of beings will be given what we have plundered.


They will have to sort it all out.  Or not.  Not very UPLIFTING.  Sorry.