David Braden  (and of interest to others), responding to your three points in your prior comment.

[1]—————- David: I think it is important to think in terms of what we can do now, with the tools that we have, and not wait until we have better tools.

From my perspective you are not adequately using your futures lenses. TRUE: everything is done in the Here&Now, we never WAIT for the future. If we are to have the adequate tools we really need to do our work, we must start designing/creating them NOW – while we continue to apply the tools we have – BOTH ARE NECESSARY.

In our Here&Now we project conceptions of alternative futures; we do things NOW so that other things might manifest sometime in the future. This ability is unique to humans, and it can be misused if one locks on near achievements and neglects to consider ever further future consequences of those achievements. I’m not asking you, David, or those working with you, to drop what you are doing and start doing something different. I only ask that you recognize the need for other, different actions to be done – as well as the kinds of things you recommend.  We can’t WAIT until you succeed. I also ask that you be alert to how work in other domains may assist your success in your domain.

2]——————– David: I would also like to share an insight into inertia in the system. It is not about elites blocking change. Of course, elites will do what they can to protect what they see as theirs. That applies to all the rest of us as well.

It is both. David, there can be more than one cause – and which is more important can be a matter of empirical study. Through my willingness to delve into the abyss of the worse of the worst (I can because I lack sensory imagery), I comprehend very dangerous societal environments that have high enough estimated probability not to neglect. Even with a more conservative and “humane” view of power elites, they are and will remain barriers.  That said, my 5 decade focus has been the emergence of a nu humanity, metamorphosing from the shackles of Civilization. NU will emerge from existing humankind, no matter how it trends; alert to this Societal Environment but not determined by it. We no longer oppose or resist it; we work to replace it.

I appeal to no magic or miraculous super abilities, including a mythical uprising of humans guided only by their naive consciousness after awakening. It will be HARD WORK, and a kind of work never before attempted by humankind. When we properly conceptualize our dual threats (although related): (1) a runaway climate change (runaway is important, for it is no longer in humankind’s power to do anything to mediate the destruction) and (2) a severe dysfunction in contemporary humankind, both the elites and the masses (in its most simplistic configuration). For all of my five decades I have been a severe critic of the positive change movement. They seem unable to take advantage of many viable opportunities.  As you correctly state, we are all too embedded in our conditioning environments – myself included. One of the reason why the positive change movement is so inert (your inertia) is that they dangerously underestimate both (1) the real power of elites to bring the BuzzSaw down on any movement that appears to be becoming successful (a threat) and (2) the change agent’s own ability to actually, in sequential real time, accomplish the miraculous – by both accepting that they can’t MAKE IT HAPPEN by will and control, and by understanding emergence they can strategically catalyze truly awesome change.

On the small scale, many people incorrectly imagine THEY, ALONE have to do things they know they can’t do. Our latent individualism blinds us to what is “really real”.  This is why I believe a GLOBAL UPLIFT is required, contemporary humankind lacks the ready competencies to do what is needed. BUT, WE HAVE THE READY COMPETENCIES TO UPLIFT! There are many actions that can be taken today that will improve the lives of some. The issue is whether their galdee and collaboration is trending to success, or if something more is needed. We cannot assume that what we are doing (even improved) and doing what we know needs yet doing will be sufficient. What might need doing that we haven’t yet discovered?

[3]——————- David: We each have certain connections into the system through which we realize our livelihood. Any threat to those connections is a threat to our livelihood and we will object (up to killing) to protect those connections. We only let those kinds of connections whither away when we find a better connection for what we need.

We are becoming aware that human motivation is far more complex that we have assumed. Yet, when we act we often lock onto one or two motivations and neglect the complexity.  This is because of the yet unresolved dissonance between our two minds: mammalian/fast/intuitive/emotional and human/slow/conceptual/rational. We are as a young child in a world without adults, yet we act as super-heroes, in disguise. We are a weird mix of conservative and exploratory. My UPLIFT model attempts to account for all of this. Critical is my deep awareness that it is very difficult for anyone to change in the midst of reinforcements for them not to change. This is one of the reasons why I believe “transformation-from-within” is difficult to impossible. Larry’s strong inertia to personal change informs nuet. My model has numerous ways those desiring to really change can be seafed and assisted. I don’t ignore the set of needs provided by your system of local flows, as I am fully aware that they are necessary. But, I don’t believe they are sufficient, or that they could be first accomplished without concurrently meeting other needs. I have been dependent on you, and others working in your domain, to do what needs doing – as one, but essential, part of a greater whole.


Larry didn’t compose the above. Nuet channeled Larry’s fingers and Larry read what was appearing on the screen. Nuet also moved Larry to do some editing.  Doing this generated a new level of awareness, and insight.  What Larry/nuet is proposing could be viewed as laughably preposterous and arrogant.  One lone savant challenges the “best of the best” to change their ways and embark on an adventure that seems beyond imagining. Please read from 2002: MIRACULOUS PROCESSES.

Think of ALL the different kinds of people on this planet. Imagine all of these persons eventually changing – not to a uniform type – but to a new diversity that seafs Societal Metamorphosis. To me, now, it truly seems beyond difficult – given their deep ideologies, conditioning environments, and stresses. Yet, I believe in the viability of nuet, to foresee the realtime actualization of the deep human potentials that human potentials movement have aspired to make manifest. Exactly how it will be done cannot be provided by nuet at this time, or ever.  It requires UPLIFT to create the competent seed/embryo of NU, our nu emergent humanity. My myth of Nu Genesis is my motivation.