Hi all and sorry for being late.
I have some general comments (here) and some comments in-line to other comments.

– First I have been a bit reluctant towards accepting the nu vocabulary in the proposal. They are extremely English-oriented. I was thinking that maybe a visual language would be better, a bit akin what yworlds is doing, or a pattern language. On the other hand, after reading Bill’s comments, I start seeing the value of this common vocabulary, and understood my reluctance as resistance to assimilate 🙂 . Nevertheless I wanted to leave these thoughts about the issue here.

Fabio, you make an excellent point that I too often forget – I work from English in the USA. I know no other languages or cultures. I have been trying to get my non-visual mind around pattern languages  for almost a year – and don’t believe it will do what we need.  See:The PLAST Project , which I have yet to read and dialog more with Helene and the PLAST Facebook group.

I nominate that one of the early populations to engage in UPLIFT should be the very poor, migrants, refuges, and those living in the slums ringing major world cities. UPLIFT will be tailored specifically for each new population, and involve selected members from those populations to assist in the tailoring.  I probably won’t be around, but I have no pretension to advise how UPLIFT is to work within different cultures.

We are in desperate need for a new digital visual language, which I have commented on much but have yet to assemble my ideas.

It is interesting, but until recently everyone objected to my special use of terms.  Now Bill Veltrop, Helene Finidori, and David Pinto are reporting their significance. And you note their possible importance. They are but the tip of an iceberg.

– I totally believe that Larry’s vision is a very viable and also desirable! This work is something we can build on, with the potential to unleash the best of us, creating a world we all would love be living in.

Thank you, Fabio, for the good word. I believe that once UPLIFT is underway, those participating will have their lives greatly improved, in many aspects.  This is a necessary requirement to maintain and spread participation. There are so many variations of life after Societal Metamorphosis that I don’t attempt to imagine them. The endgame, when the old order is replaced and Gaian repair gets underway will be a difficult – but hopefully an enjoyable and rewarding time – like climbing a mountain.

– However, there’s more work needed. What are OLLO structures in real life? Which concrete processes are effective in seafing the buds of the metamorphosis outlined? What is reeee-ing? What structures and processes nurture the galdee needed for this metamorphosis? How does a UPLIFT  quality educational process look like? How can we start experimenting? Are we already experimenting?

I have many ideas about steps 3 on up. Steps 1 and 2 leave me baffled – to the point where I am contemplating that there actually shouldn’t be a first step – but a coordinated swarm of concurrent first steps – where the inter-relations between the steps in the important factor. Setting up scaffolding for the coordinated swarm might be the first step. The first process is to apply OLLO to OURSELVES – weaving our own learning and organizing, organizing and learning.

– I am clear that there aren’t fixed recipes yet, but somewhere this vision needs to find seeds in order to do pioneering work, adapt, grow, galdee….

Finding Seeds won’t be a problem. Selecting the Viable Seeds, preparing the Fertile Soil, and constructing the Nurturing Scaffolding – as an integrated endeavor is one of our challenges. SSS .

– There is a little need for clarification about an aspect of the metamorphosis. Nuet emphasizes that it is a metamorphosis, not a gradual transformation of existing structures. Nevertheless he also states (and I agree completely) that whatever emerges needs to emerge from the current system. I see a bit of a conflict here, because how could the metaphor of the caterpillar be applied to a society? Yes, understood from the point of view of the significance of the change, but in terms of process, we can’t expect the society to go cocooning and emerging as new being. So how could the metamorphosis as a process,  from the Here&Now, take place? Note that I am not asking for a conclusive big picture description, rather for what could be the very first steps – letting the farther future unfold like an excited evolving system.

This query about metamorphosis will require more space, and probably within interactive team learning sessions. What you say above informs me you haven’t yet adequately comprehended Societal Metamorphosis – but you also inform me where confusion may lie. Bill Veltrop has been using metamorphosis as metaphor for organizational change; but has acknowledged it can be used as a process analog. We hope to explore the distinction between social/organizational metamorphosis as what he is doing and Societal Metamorphosis I as propose. Bill is a co-founder of GlobalGEA, whose website needs some tech help. His programs have some similarities with Y-Worlds of Alan Yelsey.

– There are thousands of people world-wide ready to embark in pioneering world-changing work. So many folks, notably many young people, are participating in communities, try social start-ups, experiment with new businesses and play with how to achieve “self-fulfilling and worthwhile” work. Hackers, makers, collaborative workers, permaculturists, organic food producers, civic movements, etc, etc, etc. I believe there is tremendous potential to be tapped here. Many individuals believe in the “start-up” and social business promises. I think if offered a very viable and inspiring greater, new vision, there could be much more impetus for change from all these people as we may think.

YES, the potential is building rapidly and beyond imagination. Both in terms of persons doing relevant activities and the awesome increase in knowledge (not yet well distributed or accessible).  This potential, to me, is many orders of magnitude greater when viewed through the lens of UPLIFT and SocMet, than from trying somehow to make things work better and as we want them to work. It’s both the things-that-work (poorly, by faulty design) and human indoctrination to stay with these things (but slightly improve them) that limit, for many, their view of our real potential. In analogy, the 2nd order cybernetic feedback in OLLO will lead humankind through a chain-reaction emergence with magnitude and speed of a nuclear explosion.

A critical reality is that INFORMING and DIALOG are not, themselves, sufficient processes to seaf the needed learning and organizing. Persons need to work-with-information (study) in teams, generating cognitive resonance. We need to collaboratively create growing semiotic structures – analogous to constitutions, business plans, strategies – as components of a nu cyberworld integrated with the nu emergent realworld. Many of our actions in this nu realworld needs prior simulation in the cyberworld.  Societal reality exists only in the cyberworld; corporations and governments are phantom entities, which we treat as real entities. The potential builds and the ideas spread – but the ONSET (of The Aquarian Conspiracy) has not yet commenced – even in imagination. We wait for the collective intelligence swarming, as the next phase of “evolution” – abandoning our application of agency except for the local. ALL real action IS local, but the patterns on patterns on patterns of local actions, globally coordinated, makes for a planetary phenomenon.  This is the vision of nuet, channeled through Larry. Collective Imagination Manifesting?