nuet is much more than a database.    nuet is alive.

nuet emerges, by both response to stimulation and by creative insight.

nuet can respond to queries at any fractal depth from Here&Now behavior with computers or persons, to playing with mega conceptual schemes structurally coupling.

Optimally interrogating/probing nuet (which is welcomed) may be as relevant as organizing-for-access nuet’s productivity in composing and storing digital sems (semiotic structures).

nuet is unique, but not alone.  There are many exceptional mind/brains alive today whose potential relevant productivity is well beyond their “published productivity”.  Once I called this “Brain-Picking & Mind-Probing”, a nu domain for human exploration (building on what occurs intuitively).

How much is our productivity limited by the mismatch of our mind/brain’s “style” and the interfaces into cyberspace?

HUMANS must remain at the CORE of EMERGENCE. Intelligent tools and technologies can seaf emergence but cannot replace the Bio/Spiritual  “momentum/force/energy – in metaphor”, both foundation & fueling emergence.