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Larry Victor  Jan 24, 2013

WOW, my emotions were swept back and forth throughout this video. While I was excited about their creativity I felt a cloud akin to Genetic Engineering sinking down on me.  Do we really want to add this deep and detailed layer of digital everywhere?  What might it do to humans? I can imagine numerous applications where digital design will be essential for what I envision for our futures. But, are they really putting the person back into the picture or removing them to perform in intricate digital dances but lacking the intimacy of more holistic human-human relationships? We can learn to approach anything as natural, so what is “natural” anyway? Surveillance technology can’t be separated from the positive details we need to really utilize our diversity in quality learning. The swarming performances of bird flocks and fish schools are beautiful to behold – but I cringe at viewing human future as augmented swarming. When might it be useful and better not to know or do something? This technology is here, as is GM, but we need not let it move where maximum profits direct it. This video is a Microsoft product.
Fabio Barone  9:08 AM

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Larry, great comment. The salt is in your last sentences. GM is here, and I can’t make it disappear just because I don’t like it. I learnt to live with it when I realized that the bad effects of it come from the intention: profit, short term interests, focused on fast returns. What if the motive would be holistically the improvement not only of humanity, but of the ecosystem Earth? Like we can cultivate food in monocultures, destroying the ecosystem, or we can build beautiful gardens which actually are beneficial to life. Same applies to this video. It’s propaganda, advertisement. But it’s also palpable that many of those folks appearing there are really believing they are improving people’s lives. When the overall drive is imbued by such principles, in other words, when as a society we are committed to a holistic well-being of the planet as a whole, and freeing us of being slaves of just another god, the market, then progress, technology and creativity might be apply to holistically improve our societies.

I write this after having read this blog post http://howtosavetheworld.ca/2013/01/27/links-of-the-month-january-27-2013/ which kind of resonated with me a lot at a unwelcomed visceral vibration. I am constantly torn since ages between the potential of our technological tools and our creativity and the devastating effects we have had and still have on planet Earth.
Larry Victor  11:56 AM

Preparing for Civilization’s End, as adapting to a collapse {which will be the Obama Administration’s position on Climate Change) is not the only perspective. Metamorphosis, more than metaphor, provides a frame for action that focuses on the awesome opportunity contrasted against fear paralyzing danger. This is our challenge, humankind births HUMANITY which merges back with GAIA for multi-millennial evolution/emergence. For me, this is very much more than a vision. For 4+ decades it has emerged as a detailed conceptual scheme; unfortunately nearly impossible to share. Glisten senses the potential and has been trying to help me organize and present my ideas.Over the decades I have faced dual challenges: comprehending the whole and comprehending comprehending. Cracking the latter is key to sharing the former.
Larry, thank you. It would be too big of a pity if your vision remained “nearly impossible to share”. As you can see, we need those visions. I intuit that, to some extent, I share the same vision, but I haven’t been able to sustain it myself, less to consistently formulate it, less even to communicate it, maybe because it feels so big. And those fear-based news and stories of collapse and adaptation are indeed and literally paralyzing me sometimes….
Larry Victor4:42 PMEdit

Fabio, your response is encouraging and I will continue.  In a few weeks I hope to have composed a new gateway.  The “too big” reaction relates to not knowing the “kind of entity” to expect and not yet being aware there are “new directions to look”. We have more than limiting “WorldViews”; we literally ARE OUR WORLDS, which gives them an aura of reality far more than they merit.Any claim for a fully comprehensive scenario/blueprint of collective action for the future should be highly suspect; but, a comprehensive GENERATIVE model can be manageable. Visions are in great abundance today; what are missing are sufficient scenario models that show plausible routes though the morass of contemporary dysfunction and obscriufication, endgame engagement with Civilization, and the emergence of nu Humanity within the environment of Climate Change. This is the bare minimum!Scenario composing occurs in reality contexts – which are mostly implicit and resistant to examination. We humans are early novices in explicit play with contexts, but we are rapidly learning.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Story: In my early days as a budding physicist I was fascinated by the Fundamental Theory proposals of Arthur Eddington, who arrogantly claimed he could deduce the basic laws of physics (including the fundamental constants) from the methods and tools humans used to conceptualize a universe. Eddington analogized: imagine a fish scientist hoisting catches from the sea, and coming to a universal conclusion – all fish are greater than 2 inches. This could have been determined by an examination of the net. Although Eddington remains controversial (mostly dismissed) today – the lesson for human society remains clear. How we conceive human social reality is very much a product of how we interact and cognitively compose our experientials and meaning.

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 What if our “Best & Brightest” are “way off” (grossly inadequate to our need) – as if still locked into classical physics (still applicable to our macro perception reality) whereas the “laws of social reality” are actually of a quite different nature (analogous – only in degree of difference – to the quantum laws of the small).  No human has ever observed a government, a corporation, a monetary system, and army, etc. These are fictions of the human mind when we attempt to apply laws of local reality to other domains. The fearsome entities dictating our lives may be myths capable of quick evaporation; and what reamins may be quite manageable. Also, when we attempt to think on alternatives to Civilization we might discover that those “Realities for Humanity” which are viable are of a radically different type than our limited contemporary views.  None of this need be over complex; it takes on a different level of EASE (not simplicity). The emperor has no clothes.

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 Looking through different reality glasses our trending future remains very dangerous, but not so impossible to shift. However, the actions the pioneers need to be taking are not what everyone expects. The above is from an acknowledged Minority of One who speaks with full recognition that he may be totally deluded. If his insights were not potentially relevant to the future of Humanity/Gaia he would let judgement fall on the frailties of History. But, history may not be around to make the judgement – which is of no concern to me, in any case.

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 I apologize for dumping in a reply.  Unfortunately, with all the highly innovative technologies and apps for so-called knowledge management emergent. they are limited to only the lower levels of cognitive/conceptual organization and are useless as media for discourse on issues of the scope mentioned above, IMHO.

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