1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 An hour after listening (lying in bed to NPR) to The Donald’s Inaugural promise of tyranny, I discovered the entrails and hair of my elderly, personally dedicated cat, Tucker. A valued member of my family has been taken from our backyard!  Gift or Omen?

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 I will comment, briefly, about The Donald’s short speech and possible futures, after first commenting on the tragic death of my dear Mister Tucker (Tucko). After which I will briefly speculate on the synchronicity of these two events and my personal future.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 =========== TUCKER   


4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 This morning I missed my 19 year old, very dedicated cat, Tucker, when feeding the other cats. He is usually the most insistent cat in talking to me about needing breakfast and waiting on his counter for food. I called him and walked about both front and back yards. I delayed my breakfast, and began scooping up dog and cat poo in the back yard – when I came upon a rather large tuft of hair, the color of Tucker. It had a small blood spot. I brought it in to show Eloise and she wasn’t sure it was Tucker’s; could have been our dog, Annie – who had problems and it may have been Annie’s hair.  I went back out, and found, near to where I found the hair, a clean, “shinny necklace” of intestines, and a few more tufts of hair, definitely Tucker’s. How had I missed it ?

Typical of human perception, we all often miss seeing, even what we are searching for. A few small pieces of intestines were later found in the house, having been carried in my the dogs. I put the hair and intestines in the freezer to bury later.

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 Quite a downer. Tucker had slept with me all night, and Eloise saw him inside after dawn.  During the night, well before dawn, the dogs barked loudly outside. Eloise says she went out and found it difficult to get her service dog, Piper, to come in. He was barking near where I found the intestines. Yet, Eloise claims to have seen Tucker after dawn; mystery. I just Google searched about predators that leave intestines.

Justice or Irony: Tucker, who caught and ate many birds in his long life, was finally taken by a bird, a hawk.

Online, the sites were questions by persons who found lone intestines. Most answers were typical stupid, social media trolls making fun.  No one was an expert and there were all sorts of speculations. There were pics of a hawk on a pole stripping intestines from a small rodent and dropping it on the ground. There were claims that a hawk wouldn’t try to kill a cat. But Tucker was old and frail, and not too alert, and I believe he was taken by a hawk – which we have flying around, periodically.

I expected Tucker to die any time, but his death this way is both “natural” and tragic.  I will truly miss his sitting by me when I eat, putting his paw out for food. I gave him little pieces. His sitting on my lap whenever he could. Sitting on my mouse pad while I worked on the computer. Lying close to me in bed as I petted and stroked his head and body. He followed me around the house, and moved with me in the backyard when I cleaned up after the animals. Tucker and I truly related being-to-being, old friends eldering together. In his old age he shit on the floor and I waited until he finished and immediately cleaned up. This was usually in the middle of the night: the smell would wake me. He was very, very thin, but ate volumes every morning and all day. He was metabolizing most of his food.

More than a decade ago, when Tucker was young and lived with me and his mother, Cinnamon, frequently we would freely roam the open desert with my two dogs, Rebus and Freckles. Now all four are gone from my life.  (later insert video)

NOTE: Although I can’t find belief or solace in the possibility of afterlife or reincarnation, and am fully OK with an final ending of being; I do speculate on a possibility of what I might call “time frozen lifepaths”. In a “second” time dimensions, there “exists” the “consolidated” presence of each living being, from conception to death.  In a “psychic-like” process, they can weakly interact with other beings (both living and also “frozen in time”, past and future).

This process can account for all the authenticated reports of reincarnation of newborns with recently deceases relatives.  I accept it as my own created feeling, but I “feel” the presence of Tucker within me as I write. “Hi there Tucko.”

I don’t emotionally “miss” Tucker (or anyone else) unless I look at his picture or at a place where I would expect him to be. It may be that visual imagery is necessary for emotional feeling of loss. Without mental imagery, I am free from spontaneous feelings of emotional loss.

========= 3d SYNCHRONICITY

15 Leave a comment on paragraph 15 0 Eloise and I viewed the film, Manchester by the Sea, as an escape from the day’s events. This movie is an excellent study of how humans react to loss of the life of persons close to them. My insight during the movie related to my recent reading of the book, Sapiens, was how all prior and contemporary humans were/are not adequately equipped with “knowledge of psychology and self” and access to social/societal support systems to adequately assist them confronting the frequent tragedies of life, especially in collapsing civilization.

16 Leave a comment on paragraph 16 0 ============ THE DONALD

17 Leave a comment on paragraph 17 0 As I write this, The Donald has been POTUS for only a few days. I am cautious that future insecure online postings may lead to “trouble” if they contain certain key words & phrases. In my opinion, none of the best TV analysts “saw what I saw” in the inauguration speech. I will comment in detail elsewhere. Briefly:

I speculate that the main inauguration speech was not authored by The Donald, but by his “handlers” (probably “bankers”).

I speculate this is NOT another campaign speech, as reported by pundits. I propose it is a carefully constructed ideological manifesto.

There is no means for “the people” to, now CONTROL the government/country as was claimed.  Indeed, their influence is continually being reduced. Persons can input to government only by applauding The Donald in rallies or tweets, and by voting for him.

The Donald, his handlers, or GOD will decide on the needs of “the people”, and whether they are being adequately “served”.

Unity within Diversity is rejected by omission. Unity by forced adherence to a limited ideology is promoted.  Loyalty to this ideology is required by all, which defines “citizens”.

I speculate that all objections to “his rule”, let alone resistance, will be treated as “treason”. Such persons will be identified in tweets and “justice” may be met on them by true believers among “the people” (most who will avoid even identification). Many persons may quickly become intimidated.

I have no knowledge of the specific intents or actions or of the strength and dedication of potential resistances. Certainly the worldwide gatherings and marches on Jan 21 were “more than” impressive.  Yet, The Donald and his press agent claiming the crooked media altered photos of those attending his inauguration hints to pressures he may attempt to employ. We may face a war with Faked Reports.  I make no specific forecasts.

25 Leave a comment on paragraph 25 0 ==================== PERSONAL

26 Leave a comment on paragraph 26 0 Tucker’s care was the most important excuse I had for not going away for even a short vacation. Thank you, Tucker, for releasing me to act as I need related to my concern about the future of humankind. Is your passing a positive gift?

27 Leave a comment on paragraph 27 0 The same may apply for the global trend towards “populism” and “dictatorship”; releasing us from the futile attempts at “fixing the system” and needing to immediately/seriously consider more “radical” alternatives.

28 Leave a comment on paragraph 28 0 It is possible that the types of activity envisioned in UPLIFT and OLLO may be relatively secure, even under a dictatorship that oppresses all criticism, protest, and resistance. So long as our UPLIFT activity doesn’t directly threaten the existing order and doesn’t promote itself by broadcasting in the media, it may be ignored. Details on this elsewhere.

29 Leave a comment on paragraph 29 0 I am not opposing resistance and protest, as it will occur and may tame the tyranny some – but, could also make it worse. And, I hope to be pleasantly surprised by new levels of organization that may emerge.

30 Leave a comment on paragraph 30 0 What I propose is, for those few who may desire to work towards a different challenge, a “Plan B”. An initial alternative action will not drain any significant resources or talent for more direct protest or resistance, and may even provide some useful seafing.


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