Gaia Weeps, Potentlal Seeps  – Away.

        Will Humankind Uplift? It can, But will it?


        NU, the Human/Gaian-bud/blossom flounders.

        Humankind birthing Humanity is in question. Always a risk.

        Every person drunk on self consciousness, a misunderstood gift;

        Delusions of personal will-POWER drowns collective agency.

        Earlier, tribal super successes led to premature Civilization:

        default mode

        (for controlling diverse populations, unprepared for integration).

        Unchained sociopaths filter to top of hierarchies,

        violent conflict dominates.

        Genotype actualization severely suppressed;

        elites rule, masses exploited.

        Madness universally epidemic, even fogging the best minds.

        Human creative genius confiscated by mechanistic corporatism,

        Bent on Ponzi suicide and climate scars for Gaia


        But Wait

        Spirit of Gaia and NU smolder and sparks ignite;

        nuet savants proliferate – network – organize Expedition Exodus.

        reesee seaf galdee nu  *  EaseMen    

        Synergistic Emergent Eruption

        NU Strategy, from the NU core:

        Publishing Our Future / Performing/Scripting cycles

        Metamorphic Emergence replaces (not TransFORMs) the Old.

        Bootstrap Uplift Scaffolding  – Societal Butterfly Conspires.

        End Game Confronted, Blind Spots Erased.

        All humans attracted to UPLIFT process (eventually).


        NU Planetary Ship:  Gaia with Humanity as Captain sails ahead.

        Multimillennial Surviva/Thrival ensured.

        This remains the vision.

        Can we make it our mission?

3 Responses

  • I hope we can at least try to bootstrap UPLIFT’s scaffolding and see where we get! Thanks for sharing

  • Glisten

    I deeply appreciate this distilled essence of nuet’s vision – blessings to you

  • I don’t view myself as a poet, and to poets this may not be a poem. This emerged to Larry’s consciousness March 23, 2013 and has be gestating a few days with minor edits. It will evolve but I want it here. There is so much I have composed in the past few weeks that I have yet to post. I sent an email on this to a long list, to many who haven’t heard from me recently.

    Terms and phrases need explication.


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