1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 For as long as I can remember I have been almost obsessed in pushing my transparency on others. Not that I considered myself of special importance; I never attempted to attract special attention to myself, but I also didn’t want to be invisible. If a person was to relate to me, I wanted them to know “ME”, all of me, thus transparency.

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  •     I have great difficulty keeping secrets.
  •     As a youngster I would occasionally tell about others – gossip; probably to gain needed social attention because I was the youngest and smallest kid in my cohort.
  •     Even today I may non intentionally blurt out information that I believe sheds better light on the “truth” but which is inappropriate for the situation. I do this without prior thought about potential consequences. My deep intent is seldom oppositional; rather it results from my sensitivity to dysfunction in the overall functioning of systems.  I am open to reveal problems that my own limitations or actions may cause.

Example.  At a hearing for Eloise’s application for CODP disability I blurted out that although her disability is very real, there are times when she can push herself – as when she climbed the highest mountain in Wales. Her application was denied.

Example.  I am totally open about my financial situation in ways that is strongly taboo to others.

Example.  At public hearings, I will speak out when a “leader” misrepresents or lies; even if it will later cause me difficulty. Thus, I was a thorn to the administration of the college where I was faculty.

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 I rationalize this as defense for my disabilities, to alert others how I am different so they can take this into account when they interact with me. This was seldom a conscious choice and I speculate that it started before I was explicitly aware of my disabilities. However, it has evolved since I became aware and has broadened to sharing about my unique savant condition, with both special disabilities and assets, and what constraints I face from my position in social networks and societal structures.

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 Today I am locked into five constraining situations  which ar relevant for anyone attempting to comprehend my behavior..

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  •     My health limitations and age.
  •     My “savant” nature.
  •     My immediate setting.
  •     My financial limitations.
  •     The inherent difficulty of what I am attempting.

9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 I believe that a form of transparency is essential to a viable and sustainable humanity.

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  •     Humankind will require re-education about the deeper nature of the transparency/privacy issue.
  •     To be explicated later: the big data and surveillance technologies that are of serious concern today may be necessary for a future humanity to adequately “know itself” in sufficient detail to survive/thrive. An effective SEAFing system will also require deep knowledge to provide very useful support, enablement, augmentation, and facilitation for persons and teams.

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