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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 I have been aware/concerned, for decades, about the potential catastrophes accompanying human created climate change. I believed, and still believe, there is a route for humankind to take for survival/thrival. A report in The Washington Post today (March 21, 2016 ) cemented in my mind  the URGENCY of our EMERGENCY.    This report cites a prior rapid rise in carbon dioxide that resulted in catastrophic Earth changes; and our rate of increase of CO2 is 10 times faster than then. The photos of urban sprawl in Mexico City, and others in the article, gives a visual push to our emergency. A recent, well reviewed scientific article by James Hansen forecasts extreme weather resulting from glacier ice melt cooling polar oceans. While I prefer a precautionary strategy (the extreme risks call for it), the alternative actions I outline below inform me that we can escape major catastrophes, but some of us must begin acting NOW, even though our efforts will not have an immediate effect. We need a LONG creative strategy.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 I see no, ZERO, activities within humankind today that, In My Analysis (IMA), have any chance of success in avoiding catastrophe, including the E word, EXTINCTION of humankind.  There ARE many well informed and dedicated persons working on projects that address this crisis, but none are sufficient and there is little movement towards synergy.

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  •  Some attempt to inform others of the seriousness of this crisis.
  •  Some cut their own CO2 ecological footprint and encourage others to also “conserve”.
  • Some attempt to influence societal systems and their leaders to take appropriate actions.
  • Some effort goes into research on how to reverse the trend, usually by geo-engineering solutions.
  • A few attempt to better comprehend the whole Crisis-of-Crises, of which Climate Change is but one crisis. Many of the other crises contribute to the difficulty adequately addressing the Climate Crisis.
  • For 5 decades I have explored our meta Crisis-of-Crises, before I was even aware of our Climate Crisis.

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 IMA, one factor stands out as essential for success avoiding Climate Change Catastrophe.  That factor is that the majority of humans on Earth “quickly” becoming much more “knowledgeable/competent” and much better “self-organized” than they are today. We need significant UPLIFT.

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  • Quickly” =  starting small, but designed to spread exponentially through 80% of the global population in 2 decades, maybe even faster.
  • Knowledgeable/Competent” = balanced distribution of both general and specialized  knowledge, learning-to-learn competencies, psychological/spiritual health, person-to-person skills, technologically adept, on the path for higher level adult development (as in Spiral Dynamics – but I am not citing SD as yet an adequate framework), etc.
  • self-organized” = neither top-down or bottom-up organizational structures, but a dynamic mix in context with OLLO (Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning=for-Organizing). The vast diversity (individual differences) in cognitive functioning must be accounted for. This is a nu organizing process that integrates our rapidly emerging intelligent technology with nu procedures for working with persons.

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 IMA, there are no, ZERO, activities within humankind today that are even envisioning, let alone attempting, to achieve that level of requisite UPLIFT.  This results, IMA, from an almost universal poor comprehension of the nature of humankind and how human systems change – which not only views such uplift impossible, but has it even beyond imagination. The systemic strategy of activities envisioned needed, which I will call “uplift systems” (or upsys), would – in today’s vocabulary, include: education, religion, media, families, businesses, agencies, etc. = all organizations where persons are expected to “improve” and this is somehow seafed (supported, enabled, augmented, facilitated) by the systems (intentionally and unintentionally). Contemporary upsys are grossly inadequate to our need.

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  • The best of our contemporary upsys are inadequate as exemplars to replicate, although they may have features to be used.
  • In many ways, our technological and societal systems have evolved to inhibit many of the developments needed. For example, the systemic siloing resulting from our contemporary social media.
  • An adequately uplifted population would not tolerate any of our governmental or economic systems. Even our higher educational systems severely limit the learning of students, to protect their “disciplines” (in the sense that Foucault uses the term in Discipline and Punish). The “already educated” are indoctrinated (by “schooling”) to be very conservative about change. This is one of the defining characteristics of “civilization”.
  • “Civilization” is defined here as the default mode of organizing large and dense populations when there are no competitive modes available. The mode of “civilization” is class structure: elites exploiting the masses by use of technological bureaucracies. Everyone in civilization (elites, techno-bureaucrats, masses) are deprived of an adequate upsys. Civilized humankind is the only species where the collective genotype is not actualized to an optimal distribution of collective phenotype.  The potential development of newborns to everyone is severely suppressed by the “civilization” mode of organization.
  • The Sci/Tech of systems with humans systems as critical components is far, far behind the Sci/Tech of systems without human systems as components. Yet, with the rapid rise of Sci/Tech we are not aware of this significant gap/difference. There are many fragments of quality knowledge about human systems, but they have yet to synergize in ways to make that knowledge useful.
  • Humankind isn’t to blame as it only recently acquired the requisite knowledge and technological competencies to avoid civilization and to self-learn/organize emerge a nu humanity from an obsolete civilized humankind.  However, our path to this “state” of great opportunity has also put us at great risk, as exemplified by our present Crisis-of-Crises, including the real threat of extinction from a run-away climate change

9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 OUR EMERGENCY IS LONG BECAUSE:

10 Leave a comment on paragraph 10 0 Our emergency is “long” because it will take time and continuing change. We not only can’t escape from the emergency immediately (with a few acts), but we don’t yet really know what to do. And, we will never fully know “what to do”, as it will always involve more learning/organizing.

11 Leave a comment on paragraph 11 0 We must feel the URGENCY, yet be relaxed and not panic. Attempts at quick and dirty solutions will only make it worse. Yet, if we don’t feel the urgency, we will not put in the concerted, continuous effort required. And, those of us (Uplifting Sacred Activists) fully engaged must have as our primary objective the continuing UPLIFT of ourselves and all others. Any small group following a few insights will never be sufficient.

12 Leave a comment on paragraph 12 0 We must OLLO ourselves to integrate/synthesize/merge the dual processes of strategic transformation and creative emergence. Details of this meta-process will be developed in a different doc/sem. This will include acknowledging the reality of humankind’s unique creation of semfields and our critical dependence on them.

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  • OLLO = Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing.  By organizing I mean to include the design/creation/management of systems that seaf learning, as a continuous process coupled with the learning that is so seafed.  We no longer view educational institutions primarily as structures instructing students, which change slowly. Everyone must be learners/educators (Learners for Quality Education, LQE).
  • Critical to this process is the acceptance of IGNORANCE as a positive category of learning. IGNORANCE = Knowing OF what one doesn’t yet know or comprehend, and OF what one can’t yet do or appreciate.  This is strongly related to our obsession with INDIVIDUALISM, where we are forced to be competitive and defensive, demanding that we be acknowledged as “right”. This locks our personal focus from the ME & NOW (which is a necessary perspective – of many required – but dangerous if viewed as the only and right perspective).

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  • Every sem is incomplete, as it gains its meaning from the semfield, within which it is embedded.
  • I compose sems for both myself and for others.  Composing consolidates patterns in my mind/brain. When composing I am doing more than sending a message, more than informing others of what I already know. When composing, new connections are made in my personal semfield.
  • Here I note I am using “semfield” in two distinct ways: within my personal mind/brain and externally – now on my hard drive and soon to be posted on my blog in cyberspace.  I will refrain from using “semfield” for the organization of “information” in my mind/brain. What can we use to label the “structure of knowledge” within a mind/brain?

17 Leave a comment on paragraph 17 0 Laurence J. Victor / nuet

2 Responses

  • As I read this, just after editing the posting, I realize the most others will attempt to imagine OLLO and UPLIFT being movements within existing societies.  This will lead to many ideas of how “the system” can’t be changed. And they would be correct, these nu, radical processes can’t be part of contemporary humankinds social/societal systems. They can interact with contemporary humankind as a “societal environment”, but their internal workings will not be determined or constrained by their “environment”. 
    [[[  I learned this significant distinction from Robert Fritz in The Path of Least Resistance: the perspective of viewing others as an environment, not a membership group. Urban gangs view their cities as environments, as – in a way – so do terrorists. Fritz, in his workshops, distinguishes “creativity” from the process of “creating” (which he teaches).]]]

     This informs me that the conceptual scheme of Societal Metamorphosis must be a part of UPLIFT from the very beginning. UpSys or UpMov must be “alien” to contemporary humankind, not a component or subsystem of contemporary humankind.  UpMov is embryonic HUMANITY, the nu Societal Butterfly. Contemporary Humankind is the Societal Caterpillar.

    This situation will not be obvious to most persons when they encounter the UPIFT semfield or have interactions with members of UpMov.

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