1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Powerful Story. THANKS, Jeff. The WWW and our libraries are filled with powerful stories. We need, we seek, Stories. But, will stories be sufficient? What might we need, in addition to stories?

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 I quote from the very end of the piece:
“We do not have a new story yet. Each of us is aware of some of its threads, for example in most of the things we call alternative, holistic, or ecological today. Here and there we see patterns, designs, emerging parts of the fabric. But the new mythos has not yet emerged.”

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 What is the size, nature, and means of presentation of the story we wait to emerge? Might it already be “here” but no one notices it?

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Imagine some “other” who has observed humankind for millennia and decides to intervene at this time; but it can only inform us of how our old stories got us into trouble and present us with new stories we could study and use.  How many words and images? What size of library?

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 Must we simplify or complexify? How can we decide? Do we really know what we are talking about?

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 Do the stories already exist, but distributed as texts and images in our global archives? Will the story be known only after it has been lived?  Might we be waiting for something that cannot appear, as we expect it to manifest?

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 The story of this post is part of A BIGGER STORY. I am personally aware of a great many partial stories, mostly known to only a few. Most stories seem incomplete; so we wait for a more comprehensive story. What issues do the story tellers face? Frustration in being mis-understood, as is to be expected.

8 Leave a comment on paragraph 8 0 Even if a story could be condensed and crafted for different audiences, would it be heard or viewed? If it really “told the truth” it would never be broadcast. Today there are a great many texts and videos highly authenticated that if really known to everyone, almost all persons of power would lose their power. There are texts and images already ample to deconstruct almost all contemporary stories. Ample semiotic structures for a curriculum for emergence already exists; but instead of working to organize/learn them, we create more and more.

9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 I wonder how many “out there” are like me, but cannot be “known”. I make a claim, that I fully acknowledge requires testing, and I have been open for such testing for four decades, with no takers. My story is not sufficient, it lacks much, but IMHO it is enough to get started with and is more comprehensive than any other story I have studied. Yet, it is almost as if no one really expects there to be a truly liberating, comprehensive story. There will be better stories than mine, I point out my story only as an illustration of the difficulty of sharing BIG stories, wherever they come from. Currently my story exists only in fragments (outside nuet).

10 Leave a comment on paragraph 10 0 How big can a story be that is created by one person, or a small team? Creating a story and sharing it are distinct challenges. That the ultimate story of our emergence will emerge with the emergence doesn’t preclude transitional stories that are part of our uplift.

11 Leave a comment on paragraph 11 0 I sense we are at the cusp of a coalescence. A turning or a tipping. An Aquarian Conspiracy, delayed a few decades. This is like the early 1920s when the top physicists knew a coalescence to a Quantum Theory was emerging but none knew what it would be. They didn’t wait, they deeply engaged their challenge and each changed. Our challenge is both Global and Cosmic, but the emotions are the same.

12 Leave a comment on paragraph 12 0 There is a quip quote by Einstein in circulation, something about we can’t solve our problems with old tools and ideas – or something like that.  It is often presented as if WE have the insights others don’t have and if they only listened to us all would be great. WE are in possession of the new ideas.  WE do have much to share with others, but it is WE (the top emergents) who are, also now most in need of significant change (but can’t seem to face it).

13 Leave a comment on paragraph 13 0 Instead of trying to tell others what is needed, maybe we need to create a nu educational system for ourselves “to learn what it takes to learn what we should learn — and learn it.” —  Aurelio Peccei in his 1979 foreword to the Club of Rome’s little book: No Limits To Learning: Bridging the Human Gap, A report to the Club of Rome,  by Botkin, Elmandjra, Malitza.

14 Leave a comment on paragraph 14 0 WHAT IS MISSING? WHAT QUERIES ARE WE NOT EXPLORING?

15 Leave a comment on paragraph 15 0 I am not preaching. I am crying out in the wilderness of our truly awesome challenge. I am as much in need of personal metamorphosis as anyone – but I can’t do it alone.

16 Leave a comment on paragraph 16 0 channeled from nuet – the inner woven world hosted by Larry.  Our wholeness is much more important than our consciousness.

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  • GlennGaasland

    The system as a whole can even function as a new science – a science of the web and a science for improving the quality of the life of man.  As a science it will be theoretically eclectic and a focus on diect empirical observations of tried and tested experiments.
    Everything without exception in this system can be viewed as a resource. All schools of thought, methods, ideas, thought systems, styles and views can be included. The system as a whole is not based on any sort of good-bad dichotomies, and can give all people as well as groups complete freedom of priority. Different methods, previosly considered adverseries, can be combined in ways no human had imagined. As a science it can be viewed as a purely empirical science where videodocumented experiments are shared on the web, where anyone any place can repeat the experiment, link them together and not least: improve them in terms of general valuemaximation. It can also be seen as a free market science where everyone can compete on completely equal terms, and where the market can decide for itself what sources to consider trustworthy, interesting or in any way worthy of ones attention.
    All activities in the system can be buildt around just those areas where peoples interests coinside. Example of such common areas of interests are the shared interest areas which follow directly from the structure of the human body and mind:
    – Reduction of weapons of mass destruction.
    – Physical and mental health on an individual level – Supereffient production of healthy food, with minimum time and energyconsumption
    – Superefficient production and storage of clean energy
    – Communication systems and language-patterns which yield all in all better mutual understanding of each others condition and interests, with as little time, energy and attention needed as possible (this is where the importance of innovative crowdsourced videoproduction and sharing comes in with full force)
    – Information of the kind which can benefit any individual, without creating problems for other individuals. For example “Safe improvements”. Examples of this could be information about specific physical/mental excercises which improve human health, internal balance and quality of life for those who do it, without hurting anyone else. Or creating a superefficiently operating power-internet-system (http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml), bringing clean renewable energy for everyone at low cost, and scalable from local to larger areas. Or designing a security system where every person on the face of the planet can feel physically secure, by using way less resources than are used in todays military budgets, because the whole system is just made by using what is already here today, putting it together in a certain new way, and making of it something more.

  • GlennGaasland

    Events can be both digital and in real life, with any number of participants, filmed in parts or in their entirety. The footage can be shared and seen by anyone, thus generating interest for participation in later events. The outsiders can generate ideas for making new event concepts to improve it all even further, thus getting deeper involved in the projects. These events in their  turn make something happen, creates ever new video footage, makes people involved and connects them with other involved people. In other words: Events and video taken together is an example of a simple valuemaximation system, a mutually beneficial combination which could have profound effects on the growth of this global valuemaximation economy or, if you like, this new possible social science of the web.
    The idea of innovative creation of win-win systems for real life contexts is the very essence of this possible solution to various global challenges. A possible union between the systems of open crowdsourcing with digital technology and the common idea of creating win-win systems, should have a potential for creating an altogether new global economy which actually could benefit all human beings without exception.
    The magic of this system consists in this: Since only win-win outcomes are prioritized, the whole strategic analysis process can done in the wide open, and the intelligence and creativity of all interested parties as well as all spectators, can be integrated in all system improvements.
    Such an experiment has never before been carried out in the history of mankind, and it is every reason to assume it could lead to mindblowing new social value systems. This means first creating a system in theory of how new win-win scenarios could be implemented into existing life conditions anywhere on this planet. Second, it is up to people and the market itself to choose which ideas to pursue further, what to invest in, where to prioritize time and attention, and which concrete deals to make with what specific groups or indivduals. Of course, everyone will themselves choose what information to share, what to film, what information channels to follow and so on… But the idea of using any kind of idea to design WIN-WIN systems for any possible life situation in the world today is the reason why the crowdsources format can flourish fully: It could move people to pursue selfinterest and altruism simultaniously. Because this is a system where the best ideas work best when shared openly, and where each individual will be rewarded personally to the degree the individual can create value for the maximum amount of people.
    The basic principle for finance in this system is the relationship between attention and money. In short: The more money you give to the projects, the more attention you will get. That being said: Money must NEVER be the only way to get attention or a means to get all the attention. Great ideas and creative contributions must always be the basic tool for getting attention and promotion. But the donators should never be left totally in the dark, because their contribution is also very important for the general purpose of the economy.
    In short: Money gives great ideas wheels, wings and a possibility to manifest. Big crowdsources donation funds should be made for the best contributions of all kinds. In short: If you make a great creative contribution and communicate it well, you have all possibilities of getting paid with both money, attention and earn general respect. There should be funds for hosting big events which are videostreamed live in full and later pshared all over the web, where also some attention is given to the process of funding, who are the biggest contributors, and not least: how the money will be spent. The funds should be open for donation from anywhere, any time and have an inbuildt system for bringing benefit to the sponsors. Such benefits could include advertising revenue, access to events, awards, biggest contributor lists or all of these and more.
    Possible sources of money: – Founding from individuals, organizations, corporations and governments – Fees for various events, for participation in long term projects or in general: access to various fields of the systems time, attention and energy resources – Classical advertising. This should be done in such a way as to actually cause things to hapen in such a way, as generates the maximum benefit for all affected parties.

  • GlennGaasland

    An essential ingredient in this process is a common cloud where all raw digital video footage from projects can be put in. Here there must be user friendly video-editing tools making it possible for everyone on the planet to put all combinations of footage together (including the video produced by others) in any kind of way. The raw material must be used as material for the production of independent films of various sorts. These films can range from 1 minute clips to long series, and all categories in between. Large competitions in making the best films about various projects, including adding innovative ideas for improvement on the ideas of others, is an essential part of the organization. The process of video production must have high priority and undergo continous experiments, innovations and improvements. The best videos can be voted forth in various ways. They can contain “best individual contributors and teams”, and with multiple “top performer” lists in all categories which for some reason or other recieve attention. Various awards and prices can be included. There should be interviews with the best videocreaters as well as idea-producers on the main blog. This includes making movies based on the material of others, but also simply producing innovative ideas oneself to solve certain important problems better than before, and using all sorts of video-effects to assist the process. All combinations are welcome. Anything goes and everyone choose what to focus on. Video is the main tool for sharing and developing ideas on win-win systems. This includes ideas for possible win-win systems where the promising action sequences are described and / or illustrated with drawings. It also includes all the win-win systems which have already been tested, where the empirical results which have previously been achieved through the given “contextual strategies” are described in detail. People who see this video can then try this out themselves and add to the pool of “reported consequences” what actually happened when they tried this win-win strategy in practice. They can also add ideas for “possible improvements” or “alternative strategies” worth trying out.
    Video is also the main tool for marketing projects to the rest of the world, through films made in an interesting, entertaining, accessible and constructive way. The films are key ingredients in making new connections between ideas and people and generally fulfilling the greater goal: Creating a better world for everyone without exception, through superintelligent usage of latent resources and innovative combinations of resources.
    Testing – testing – testing (having loads of fun in the process) until it works. Then developing it further. This includes the strategies for real life situations which the videos describe, and it also includes the production of the videos themselves. I repeat: The production of videoes, with all sorts of artistic, educational, scientific and entertainment purposes included, must be given HIGH PRIORITY in any variation of this system, as does written pieces, pictures, drawings and charts. All these can work very well in combination also.
    A great long term vision is the creation of innovative valuemaximating economies, scalable both for a smaller group of people as well as for large groups, organizations, districts and even complete nations, civilizations and continents.
    The principle is simple: Start with a given real world situation in a certain area connected with a certain group of people: this one, where a finite amount of resources are available. Find innovative means of combining the existing resources in new ways which create a maximum amount of real experiences value for all affected parties, and a minimum amount of waste or negative consequences for anyone. The growth in these economical systems comes not from more resources, but from new ideas of ways to use existing resources. Multipurpose-systems will typically involve the invention of new system hybrids, meaning systems where many areas of interest (traditionally viewed as separate), are combined in new ways, thus producing a resulting outcome which for some reason or other serves the whole spectrum of human interests with maximum effeciency.
    An example of a small scale “valuemaximation system” could be organizing an event where participants learn something new and useful for their everyday life, make new social connections, develop ideas together, experience fun and entertainment, express themselves artistically or creatively, experience a feeling of being connected to a larger whole which is continously growing to new emerging forms, create film footage useful for later and use all of this in immediate integration and communication with web-based communities – giving rise to ever new and improved systems both during the events as well as afterwards. 
    The ultimate goal of valuemaximation economies is to meet the interests of all human beings without exception. Here “interests” include the whole spectrum of human interests – things people (for some reason or other) value in practice. These systems need to integrate fully and peacefully with all other areas of the global economy and culture as it is, and in ways where various deals can be made for all affected parties benefit. It can all be done in an innovative, superefficient and ecologically sustainable way, and the attainment of this goal is made into a science and art in itself.

  • GlennGaasland

    “What could solve the worlds security issues, ecological challenges and other problems of global concern?”
    It can safely be said that developments such as nuclear proliferation, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism is in no sane human beings interest. It can also be said that physical and psychological disorder, or hate towards other individuals or groups, is something everyone would benefit from avoiding. Such developments are lose-lose scenarioes for all countries and all humans, leading to more fear and insecurity and loss of life quality. With 7 billion people in the world today, growing, and an impending ecological crisis, these issues seem to have become quite urgent. In this essay I will propose a possible solution, or a direction for improvement, of the current state of affairs. This idea surely is an incomplete beginning of something which may or may not grow. But this much is certain: There is today an incredible potential for solving these problems in ways which never before where possible, has never before been thought of, and where completely actionable strategies to be implemented with immediate effect, are available by using already existing resources. EVEYTHING IS CONNECTED AND INFLUENCED BY EVERYTHING ELSE, AND A SOLUTION MUST THEREFORE INCLUDE EVERYTHING.  The fundamental premise of this essay is that everything in the world is connected: The economy, culture, environment, technology, media, food production, water supply, physical security, health, information, science, spirituality, religion, art, familylife, big business, small business, entrepreneurship, energy, sex, natural resources, ideologies, identity, fear, happiness, love, sorrow, enthusiasm, weather, conditions of living, entertainment, stereotypes, social networks and relations, man and woman relationships, mother, father and child communications, local and global relations, games, methods of communication, language, words, images, symbols, noises, pictures, videos, ideas, unknown potentials and not least: How all things in life interacts in time and space on this planet- leading to real material results people can see, hear and feel. A real solution to global problems must take everything in life and everyone living on this planet, into account. It must concern the totality, content, process and context, in the whole movement of life as unfolding day by day.
    Such a task may seem immense, as are the possibilities of humans today, powered by creativty, intelligence and incredible technology. HOW? An improvement of the global situations needs to combine new thinking with a pragmatic starting point: The way it actually is today. Below is an outline for a possible methodology aimed at dealing with large scale issues through innovative means.
    1. Analysis of the exact present state of affairs now, resources and factors in play, and what role each individual plays in the given context. The analysis can be on a broad scale, without time limits. It can be organized with digital technology, open source format and various gaming mechanisms included. The beginning point can be any context, smallscale or largescale, at the present moment in time on this planet. One beginning point will connect with others, and with the larger arena of continous events across the planetary surface. The totality of estimated consequences of various “actions-from-a-definitive-starting-point” will be the bulk of the analysis.
    2. Concrete descriptions of possible action-sequences starting from now in a specific context and place, at a specific time. Done in a certain or uncertain way by a certain or uncertain number of people. Such action sequences can include scenarioes where many options are possible (the longer forward in time, the vaguer it might be, but that is not a problem because if we get to that point the specifics will begin from there). The different options can be described in easy to understand ways, and placed in one or more places on the web. Always beginning right now, with what happens to be available resources and specific action possibilities, in any given situation.
    3. Initiate critizism, commentry and improvements from all angles in form of estimated consequences of each action sequence. So this is NOT any ideological debate, but instead contributions in terms of specific strategic consequence calculations. A possibility in verbal contexts (such as for example onlineforums), is to use a marker between contributions and “smalltalk” or general commentary. On forums such a marker could be a certain color or font for contributions, on Facebook one could use other symbols, for example (to mark smalltalk which is not specific action sequences).
    4. Testing in trial practice: small, medium and larger sized projects (for example innovative energy systems and other valuemaximation economies ready for integration in the present state of affairs). Film as much as possible. Create artwork out of filmfootage to make it accessible and spreadable. Continous improvement across in all areas, with high priority on the quality of the digital content. Everything can be done open source with all sorts of gaming mechanisms put in for maximum effect. An imperative long term goal is to make apps from which every human in the world can enter the ongoing process and competition, view the latest happenings, make any sort of donation, make commentry and debate, build friendships and social connections, invite to online and real life events etc… This will be an app which is connected to a growing global infrastructure.

  • GlennGaasland

    By the way, since your blogpost is about telling stories, I thought why now share an essay I`m writing myself outlining a vision for the future, here in the commentary field?  I can paste it in here below, it is pretty long, but covers alot of ground. Maybe you could find something of interest or inspiration in it? 🙂
    The working title so far is: “What could solve the worlds security issues, ecological challenges and other problems of global concern?” All critizism is appreachiated by the way!

  • GlennGaasland

    Glad I read this blogpost!:) Pure coincidence. I have been working on this for a long time now, and see a vision for how most of the bigger problems could be solved or at least much improved. I think whats needed is a totally new hybrid supersystem created in the web, by putting already existing information together in new ways. I even think it could be done quite easily and without not a single person being hurt by it. As an economy it would grow on ideas and the continous improvement of ideas. The sentral idea in this economical model is the creating of new and better win-win systems, tailored for the exact living conditions now (free from any ideology). The analytical process can be crowdsourced, and move 24/7. Then all the solutions must be presented in ways easily sharable. Art, videoproduction, storytelling and marketing psychology will be absolutely key right from the start. Basicly a totally new system for mediaproduction can be a part of this idea-creation system. It must all be 100% flexible, pluralistic and eclectic: “anything goes, everything interesting, you decide your priority”. One can make it all extremely fun, entertaining and competitive, but competitive like competing to be the best valuegiver. Such a system will merge the basic right wing and left wing political values into a truly altruistic free market economy, where bringing maximum value for everyone is the way to become a superstar. In this system individual interests and society interests are defined as mutually dependent: The more one has of one, the more one has of the other. Actually this system even has the potential to solve the false conflict between science and spirituality. I could say much much more…getting into sharable stories is a work in progress!:) Anyway, its good to know were not all alone out there in investigating these matters! Peace, Glenn

    • nuet

      @GlennGaasland  Thanks for your long reply.  It seems I am not getting email notices about comments, so missed yours until today.  I was waiting in my doctor’s office and trying out my new cell – found my site – and found and read your comments. Didn’t attempt to reply from there. Your visions are large, as our times demand.  I will comment in more detail soon.

  • Thanks Larry, nuet really speaks to the challenge of our time, to seize the elements that would liberate us from old narratives and weave them together into the nu narrative.   
    cc dde337 toughloveforx

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