1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 I recently wrote on P4P, P&P, and P2P. I want to add another, p2P for personal2PLANETARY, where I propose we link DIRECTLY personal to PLANETARY, in addition to their parts as holons in the holarchy from personal, through teams/communities/societies/global-humankind to Gaia and Planet Earth.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 I propose this direct relationship be created within our minds, our emergent, inner, woven/constructed wrlds, to assist us in navigating the Great Transition that awaits us.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 I am moved to propose this direct relationship because of the gross inadequacy of my person in meeting the challenges faced by our planet, which are the result of our (humankind’s) premature expansion and destructive impact on Gaia. I speculate that each of us are dysfunctional in relation to what we “could and should” be doing and avenues for change are blocked.

Although it is natural that biological organisms must give primary focus to their personal situations (wrlds), as do most humans.  Yet, humans usually avoid attending realistically to their patterns of significant change. This is not a feature of other creatures, and humans have yet to evolve to adequately adapt to their potentials to act on forecasts, which come from our special languaging competencies – where we can represent alternative futures in our minds.

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 PERSONAL  – By “personal” I mean to include our subjective experiences of ourselves and of others, explored to depth-without-limits. We will only comprehend the domain of “personal” to the extent that we know how we know, what we know, about ourselves and others – our differences and our similarities.

As a starter, I propose that small groups of persons engage in extended dialog to probe as deeply as possible about each other and record the dialog -with recordings to be viewed and discussed by members of the group. This may involve some features of Bohmian Dialog, but should not be viewed as a practice variation – this process must emerge to meet its own needs.

I speculate that a viable, future humanity may be structured to have every person a member of a set of such “intimate groups”, some temporary and others emergent over the life of a person (with a flow of person in and out of the group).

I propose that we attempt to start this now. This to also include a “clearinghouse” for all such groups, so we begin to collect data so as to better comprehend the phenomenon.

9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 PLANETARY  – By “planetary” I refer to the conceptual schemes and experientials humans have and dialog about in reference to the “whole” of what we call our planet Earth, and in particular Gaia and Humankind.

If necessary, it is OK to anthropomorphize how different systems, components and subsystems might “experience” their existence and relation to “others”. The science fiction of Italo Calvino is my exemplar.

I took a diversion and Googled Italo Calvino, and read his bio with great interest. I had known him only for his two collections of short stories: Cosmicomics and t zero . His very rich life illustrates how important depth-personal can be; that I had known only a tiny sliver of his life and achievements. I recommend you read his bio and the brief description of the short stories above to get a sense of his anthropomorphism. I need to reread his stories, and regret not knowing Italian as I expect much is lost in the translation. [Larry’s paternal grandparents both emigrated from Italy, Victor was a shortening of Divittario on Ellis Island. Genealogy traces Depampholis (grandmothers maiden, first name: Lucretia) back to Machiavelli and Lucretia Borgia.]

I am not calling for a mystical contact with a “real” Gaia (I leave that possibility for another time), but that we attempt – within ourselves and between ourselves – to better “model” THE BIG PICTURE (which isn’t a “picture”) and our personal relationship to OUR PLANET.

I got caught up in the P 2 & 4 P  notation. It may be better that we link with GAIA instead of Planet Earth. That part of Earth not Gaia is of limited  relevance to us – except for the atmosphere (storms and greenhouse gasses); the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers (acidification, pollution, expansion); the glaciers (shrinking mountain and melting ice caps); and the land (soils, earthquakes from fracking, etc.).

personal to PLANETARY –  As person to person, where the other person is Earth, and Gaia – in our minds.

The other human persons you directly relate to are those in your mind – the neural-molecular patterns in your brain that represent an “objective” other. Our perceived world is scientifically a “virtual reality” created by ourselves, autopoietically, from hypothesized sensory stimulation. This is not solipism, as the details of these patterns are evidence of “others”; our experiences are not total fantasy.[Searching, I discovered an article on autopoietic social systems by Luhmann, which may be of some relevance.]

COMMENTARY  My thinking has shifted during the writing of the above. The primary urge was to probe depth intimacy of interpersonal relations. I generalize from my own needs to the lack of what we all need – as one essential aspect of change – which we could begin to explore tomorrow. Somehow, nuet inserted planetary in the mix, and has been doing so for a while. Gaia (the most relevant part of Earth for us) has been a frequent idea in Larry’s consciousness for many decades.

At the end of writing and a trigger to writing this commentary, was the insight that by focusing on interpersonal relationships of human2human and human2planet we might avoid the trap of getting caught up in the mess of contemporary society, and to break temporarily from the transformation-vs-emergence debate. Do we need “get to know each other better”, before we begin thinking and talking about what to do to change humankind?

hope the above means something


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