1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 These queries may be presented to a gathering of about 60 persons on Jan 20, 2013 at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ.  The gathering is to explore World Hypotheses in relationship to our sustainability challenge.

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  2. Is is possible to make any headway on the human/Gaia crises without first making radical breakthroughs on the internal human systems crises? Are proposals for resolving some of the former crises futile re potential implementation until we resolve the latter crises? If the latter crises are resolved, might not the effort on the former crises increase many orders of magnitude?
  3. At this stage which is more critical: (1) How existing power practices are destructive to both Humankind and Gaia or (2) How they block the emergence of viable alternatives?  How should we distribute our energy in the next few decades (1) attempting to reform and moderate the destructive practices of Civilization, or (2) working to augment the emergence of a viable alternatives to replace Civilization?
  4. What if “established humankind” from the warped mind/brains of most individuals to the counter-productive global structures/practices (and all levels between) are “severely dysfunctional – and getting worse day by day” with no evidence of self-correction or self-healing? Imagine this to be a decaying Societal Caterpillar, the last throes of our Era of Civilizations. What if, concurrently a nu, potentially viable Societal Butterfly is energetically and joyously emergent – but is itself encountering difficulties coming to terms with its nu-being/becoming? The envisioned endgame of most emergents remains a miraculous morphing of the Caterpillar into a nu Humanity and most have not yet accepted the awesome potentials actualized once transformation is abandoned for metamorphosis/replacement strategies.
  5. What if the best creative minds and the most dedicated activists are all missing critical aspects of our Crisis-of-Crises and our alternative views of the future?
  6. Are we so blinded by the awesome state of our collective knowledge and our technological prowess that we ignore or trivialize our severe deficits and limitations?  I speak of deficits and limitations of our “best and brightest”.
  7. Are there assumptions we have about “human nature” and how it can change that blocks our progress?  Are we really sure we know who we humans were, are, and may become?
  8. Is everything out of context?  Certainly reports on the surface crises of the day are all out of context.  Might our reports and what we are doing to survive/thrive also be out of context, but we don’t know it?  How do we begin to attend to our contexts?
  9. Might our newest technologies for enabling sharing, communicating, and planning be literally blocking the levels of collaboration and synergy we need because they ignore human diversity and the need for significant learning for everyone?
  10. Who really wants this real-world economic/political/intelligence/military/educational/media COMPLEX to become sustainable, so it can continue its oppressive practices into future millennia?  Sustainability is a characteristic of our future Humanity. Civilization cannot be sustainable.
  11. Does anyone really believe that the healing of Gaia and building a sustainable Humanity/Gaia relationship can be accomplished keeping ALL of humankind under-learned and under-developed?  Might our first efforts be beyond politics and economics, but to a “NuEdu”, a crash program to significantly UPLIFT the global distribution of cognitive/emotive/performance competencies of the whole planetary human population?  FIRST, we must discard the primary premise of Civilization that this is both impossible and unwise.  An uplifted population will not tolerate “rulers” and would seriously destabilize the control of Civilization on populations. THEN we will discover how viable such an endeavor really is.

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