1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Donald Trump as POTUS may, in the longterm, be better for Humankind/Gaia than a Hillary Clinton POTUS.

All along the campaign, this was my speculation. I voted for Hillary because I was lazy. The near future under a Trump POTUS will not be pleasant for many, and my own life and efforts re UPLIFT may not be so easy.

In Nuet’s analysis, there has been insufficient vitality and viability in the “progressive movements”, including those about Climate Change and Human Livelihood.

Contemporary movements for change are as wimps compared to the anti-war and civil rights movements – even with enhanced technology. Contemporary activity may be stronger in objective terms, but relative to the circumstances and need, they are lacking – and showing no evidence of improving.

Trump supporters were unable to evaluate whether Trump could actually do what he proposed. What to do after the Swamp is Drained? The same for Hillary supporters: how will she be able to do what Obama didn’t do? The vast majority of voters can’t comprehend how complex societal systems function and change.

We can best comprehend this lack by viewing each person as a whole internalized “wrld” and not as autonomous persons living in a common, objective “world”. This distinction may be subtle, but possibly very significant.

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 Donald is a dysfunctional person; he is not a fascist – but could be manipulated by fascists.

There are two Donalds to be concerned about.

The first Donald is the severely dysfunctional person, lacking the competencies to perform as POTUS, and be open to mistakes that could be serious.

The second Donald is the person-in-society with many, negative acquired traits – such as racism, sexism, and greed.

Lessons Learned:

11 Leave a comment on paragraph 11 0 There are no reliable experts on human systems.

We have reliable experts on tech systems not having humans as components.

Generalizing: The Sci/Tech of Human Systems is vastly inferior to the Sci/Tech of systems not involving humans as components.

Hypothesis: The Sci/Tech of Human Systems has not basically progressed in millennia. Contemporary Human Systems may be more powerful because of their use of non-human Sci/Tech (which has advanced, exponentially).

The failure of polls reflects, more generally, on the failure of our “best” models of human behavior and change. Actually, the results were within the statistical predictions by the polls. It was our limited human statistical intuition that resulted in our interpreting the poles as predictive of outcome.

Trump’s success is also evidence of this. His “style” accidentally resonated with a popular need.

17 Leave a comment on paragraph 17 0 There are no primary causes for Trump success and Hillary failure.

Note: Trump is last name, Hillary is first name. Implications?

Experts and pundits propose their favorite CAUSES.

The many factors, their distribution and interaction, makes the election a phenomenon without clear/clean causes.

This is typical of our reality.

The roles of corporate/financial economy on the election process was not even mentioned in either campaign – other than use of the terms “Wall Street” and “Election Financing”.

Humans are programmed to seek only a few fundamental causes, which evolved for tribal situations.

Most situations today are beyond the capacity of human persons to adequately comprehend.

25 Leave a comment on paragraph 25 0 Most contemporary humans are “stupid”, and even the best have many limitations.

Most humans have no accurate conception of large social and societal systems; they imagine them as big families.

Analyze human statements – most so, so far “out of context”. Try working backwards from these statements to the reality experienced that supports such statements. This includes experts and pundits, as well a persons off the street. Our inner “wrlds”, that provide context for our experiences and actions, are severely limited – when it comes to societal issues.

“Interpretation” doesn’t exist; REALITY, for each person, is directly experienced as inner woven wrlds, patterns of neural-molecular processes in each person’s body/brain. This subtle distinction may be very important.  Informing (via messages) won’t change wrlds.

No one is to blame, gaining appropriate competency is not easy or natural, and not supported by our societal systems.

30 Leave a comment on paragraph 30 0 Democracy, as practiced, is a major fraud; yet promoted as THE SOLUTION to a better future.  (explication elsewhere)

Alternative Futures

31 Leave a comment on paragraph 31 0 Trump vanishes.

By assassination or criminal convictions, Donald Trump is removed from POTUS. He may also simply QUIT.
He doesn’t want the job/responsibility.
Trump is PAID to resign.
We may have even worse problems without Trump.

33 Leave a comment on paragraph 33 0 Agencies attempt to control/remove Trump.

CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon seem to be beyond the control of POTUS.

35 Leave a comment on paragraph 35 0 Trump is manipulated/orchestrated brilliantly.

36 Leave a comment on paragraph 36 0 Trump (+ supporting orgs) block USA imperialism, and catalyze multiple power center futures.

Trump may be good for Climate Change.

37 Leave a comment on paragraph 37 0 I go beyond Naomi Kline and am deeply convinced that humankind won’t survive climate change unless it abandons both “capitalism” and “electoral democracy”, which are now as Siamese Twins. Furthermore, the nu societal systems (local to global) must (collectively) be capable of deciding what to do and then do it. And, for this, the distributed competencies of the global population must be significantly uplifted (more than simply educated). Viable, “participatory democracy” requires competent and knowledgeable citizens – who would never tolerate the corruption and deception of “electoral democracy”.

Speculation. With a mix of competitive cultures/societies within a “nation” (a societal system often imposed from the outside, often after wars), the “best” society may be an enlightened dictatorship. The examples were Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Libya under Muammar al-Qaddaffi.  Just before their overthrow (from the outside) they were the “best” developing nations in their regions about personal freedom and well being of those citizens who supported them (because of the peace and prosperity  – and which were a majority). They were dictatorially violent against those who threatened their rule, for which – in an imperfect world – can be justified. The USA and NATO (desiring regime change consistent with their globalization strategy) supported rebels that required the dictators to up their oppression of rebels, creating a rationale for intervention/invasion. Look at Turkey today as how an “electoral democracy” can go wrong.

Periodic mass elections create the false myth of citizen participation in governance. Corporate lobbyists have realtime influence on governments; citizens only periodically, usually with a pre-selected set of options.

40 Leave a comment on paragraph 40 0 Today, no major government or corporation is competent or “free” to do what is needed (and their reform to adequate competency is systemically blocked). The deep inter dependency of component systems prohibits such actions. Furthermore, this SYSTEM cannot be reformed, anymore than you can transform a tractor into a horse. Even those orgs most active and committed can’t do what is needed; let alone those who actively deny and sabotage actions to stop catastrophic climate change.

Obama and Gore lack sufficient vision. Periodic conferences on global issues are systemically unable to SEAF necessary human processes needed to resolve major issues. ONLY when the elites give up their privilege and power will change be sufficient. Even those many NOT POOR will resist the level of changes needed.

42 Leave a comment on paragraph 42 0 With the USA controlled by climate deniers, committed activists may re-examine what changes are REALLY needed and begin the OLLO process to accomplish these goals. OLLO = Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing.

They may discover and accept that the first challenge is to change the human system so it will be competent for changing the human/Gaian interface.

Scientists and engineers could discover what is needed but wouldn’t be able to get humankind to do it.

Humankind should continue R&D for working with the human/Gaian interface; but the primary effort must be the Social/Cultural Metamorphosis of humankind – independent of the specifics of Gaia.  Sorry, but relating better with Nature won’t necessarily give humans the competencies to migrate to a radically different lifestyle.

46 Leave a comment on paragraph 46 0 What is needed cannot be supported by established systems (that must later be abandoned).

Nor will mass, grassroots movements lead to sufficient change – as their strategy is to force established systems to change. The metaphor of a lawn of grass masks the great diversity of humans required – which already exists in potential (but suppressed).

The best analog for the emergence of Humanity is the growth/development of a nu human from conception to birth. Instead of cell division (the biological process to increase/organize the members), persons in the emergent Humanity invite/orient new recruits from the general population. In this they are seafed (supported, enabled, augmented, facilitated) by the well organized sysnet of already existing members of the embryonic Humanity emergent within collapsing civilizations.

49 Leave a comment on paragraph 49 0 In summary, Trump’s denial may be the catalyst for Climate Activists to scale up their visions and strategies towards sufficient action.

The System will Survive – Maybe it Shouldn’t ?

50 Leave a comment on paragraph 50 0 Media pundits attempt to comfort us by claiming the our SYSTEM will survive Trump, as it has survived other bad presidents.

They assume that our SYSTEM was, and is, the very best. On many traits the USA is deep down in the listings. Our composed history is one long coverup. True, no society or nation is perfect, and all coverup their negative (and continuing) records.

52 Leave a comment on paragraph 52 0 Our current SYSTEM is very far from what we need to survive/thrive our challenges, current and future. All leaders are incapable of honestly facing our authentic Crisis-of-Crises. Their mind/brains permit them to comprehend only to a level where a “solution” can be imagined.

53 Leave a comment on paragraph 53 0 Unfortunately, our Crisis-of-Crises is a problematique, for which the interaction of problems is often as critical as the problems themselves, and no set of “solutions” (treated independently) can suffice. Many decades ago The Club of Rome labeled our “condition” a Problemateque, requiring a Solutionateque; to no avail as we are all mind/brain limited – in practice – to the Problem/Solution paradigm for doing and the Question/Answer paradigm for learning.

54 Leave a comment on paragraph 54 0 Our current gridlock is systemic – and can only get worse. The UNITED States is dead, a zombie walks the Earth.


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