1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 I seldom encounter a doc that I am compelled to share. This three page doc I have downloaded to preserve, printed it for Eloise to read, and am here posting it on my blog. I only did a quick read and didn’t follow the links. I have been aware of this important context for awhile, but wasn’t aware of recent developments possibly “coming to a head”. It forecasts a “societal earthquake/tsunami” in the near future that may seriously disrupt the activity of change agents, who seem oblivious to these happenings – invisible on the MSM and not prominent in the alternative media, either. The second doc is more important.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Two authors. Pepe Escobar presents a scary list of powerful attacks on Obama’s Iran deal, as an intro to Tom Englehardt’s analysis of the development of BRICS and other counter USA/NATO challenges for global dominance. This is one of many important contexts to assist our comprehension of happenings in the Humankind/Gaia complex.

Other contexts include: Madness in USA Politics and Politics Everywhere, Instability in Economic Systems, Earth Changes and Consequences on Humankind, Cognitive Dysfunction in Global Human Population, Move Against Science and Empirical Reality by Dogmatic Belief, and Recent Discoveries in Science, Technology, Art, and Human Nature, The Disruption of Everyday Life.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Why post it? I will continue focusing on UPLIFT, but would participate in some dialog on precautions we might take. I don’t anticipate serious, life threatening disruptions to life in Tucson, but might expect temporary loss of electricity (and water). Those living elsewhere may face greater threats. I am concerned that we may lose useful access to cyberspace. How much of our intelligence is stored in the cloud, to which we may not have access. Need we organize a downloading of essential docs, or locate where they already exist on hard storage? Need we organize a physical exchange of flash drives and other means of sharing. How dependent are you on the cloud for computer functionality?


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