1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 I am very optimistic that humans can dodge the climate change bullet and rapidly emerge a process that sets all trends positive and projects towards a viable multi-millennia future, in harmony with Gaia.

This potential is very real and present, which I will soon indicate. “Proof” will require more than a brief essay. What isn’t guaranteed is whether dysfunctional humankind will become aware of this potential and actualize it.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 In this essay, the vast potential is portrayed as a massive gap. This gap is between (1) the thin, simplistic “surface skin” of elitist societal systems (including the various media, servicing elites and “manufacturing consent” of the masses), ENCLOSING & CONSTRAINING (2) the enormous, complex, exponentially emerging “creative engagements” within many majority populations. The “gap” is between the negative simplicity of the skin/shell and the positive complexity of what is constrained within, ready to ‘burst asunder”.

Within the propaganda provided by (1), there is a “manufactured gap” between superior elites and inferior mass populations. The elites portray themselves as necessary to provide for (some of) the masses. Non-deserving or grossly inferior persons, of the masses, should be dealt with harshly. Unfortunately, many of the masses believe this propaganda, or believe themselves powerless (at the time) to effect significant change. The best they can do is protest and resist, which is usually futile, as such tactics lack adequate strategies.

The real and significant gap is also invisible to many, and the awesome magnitude & potential of the gap is hidden from almost everyone – blocked by their obsolete epistemes.

Today some label (1) as the 1%, .1% and .01%; implying a very thin skin holding back disorganized, discouraged, massive majorities; many in poverty and quite ignorant of the “larger reality” in which they are embedded. The meaningful demography of the 99% is never shown, by anyone; let alone never having been adequately studied.

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8 Leave a comment on paragraph 8 0 North Americans (USA, Canada, & Mexico) are “brainwashed” to believe in their positive exceptionalism, over other developed nations. The reality is that North Americans are negatively exceptional – ranking far down in listings of ratings on health-care, education, work-hours, vacation-time, transportation, incarceration, justice, poverty, crime, etc., compared to other developed nations. While the majority of humans are less well off than North Americans; advancements by those superior to North Americans hint to potentials masked by propaganda. However, this potential is minor compared to that unrealized by anyone.

This vast potential is best evidenced by the virtually infinite creative productivity of persons and small teams, globally, as represented by their footprints in cyberspace. This is often masked by the ugly garbage spewed by trolls and the misguided.

Cyberspace is awash with fractal-izing fields of reports of creations and discoveries. As massive a collection of reports a “master hacker” can access, this would represent but a small percent of the CATEGORIES of relevant reports available. This ranges from well funded research or artistic projects, to projects by villagers to develop solar electricity without grids (but one example of many).

11 Leave a comment on paragraph 11 0 My own cyberspace behavior leads me to discover new categories, daily; and by accident. Should I use a diversity search strategy I would discover many, many more. Also, my weekly skimming of the original SCIENCE Journal also reveals many new categories of research; as well as the proliferation of sub-categories. And, “science” is but one of a great many categories where reports are circulated and within which humans interact.

The AAAS now has 6 SCIENCE Journals (General, Advances, Signaling, Robotics, Translational Medicine, & Immunology). There are over 700 peer reviewed scientific journals.

Elsewhere I call all reports relevant to our future a “semfield”. The nature and emergence of semfields, and how they relate to human-human interactions, can be found in a complex sysnet of reports, in process. Revolutions in the use and emergence of semfields will be critical to “bursting the bubble” and beginning actualizing our potentials.

14 Leave a comment on paragraph 14 0 Also, beyond the scope of this essay, are the many ways this “bubbling over” potential is blocked, limited, constrained, manipulated, and misunderstood. Intentionally and unintentionally, elites block actualization. More importantly, those active in creating this potential self-constrain its actualization – for various reasons. This cluster of reasons self-reinforce each other, creating an “episteme” where the very phenomenon of “emergent actualization of potential” doesn’t exist. It is suppressed by the sacred ideology of “transformation”.

When it comes down to the “practice of change”, transforming what already exists is the only option. Contemporary science is limited to transformation. There is, as yet, no science of “origination”, although we speak metaphorically of “beginnings” (the Big Bang, etc.).

Anti-abortionists argue about when human life “begins”. Life “continues”, it doesn’t “begin”. Two living forms, egg and sperm, merge and life continues. It is only in the mind-spaces of humans are the “material” boundaries between beings invented.

Although the term “emergence” has gained popularity, in practice, researchers seek transformations under the metaphor.

The powerful inertia of “transformation” is evidenced but our inability to recognize the observable phenomenon of emergence in the metamorphosis of insects: the emergence of the butterfly form from the molecular components of the cells in the decaying caterpillar form. The caterpillar doesn’t transform into the butterfly.

At the atomic level, there is a continuum of process, that is neither transformation nor emergence.

It appears that the emergence of humanity from humankind requires creative intervention from human communities. I acknowledge that this requirement is unique in the cosmic story of prior emergences.

This is consistent with the “fact” that human use of digital language, where “pure” information is (for the first time in cosmic history) liberated from being bound in matter/energy structures. This the beginning; not our final achievement of a new era of cosmic emergence.

22 Leave a comment on paragraph 22 0 FINAL WORDS: What I most hoped to convey in this essay was the awesome reservoir of potentials exponentially increasing – well beyond our outmoded estimations of knowledge progress. This would best be accomplished by guided tours in cyberspace. Anyone interested in leading such tours?

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