1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 This is extreme for a reason. The parts of the Federal governmental system are still there, banging at each other and having consequences.  But, the whole as ceased functioning, it is dead. Sub-systems, such as The Pentagon and CIA continue relatively independent of the Three Branches, remain.  But, the hacking of rules and the psychological polarization amplified by the new media has rendered decision-making by the Three Branches grossly inconsistent and devoid of any sense of real consequences. Three are no processes I am aware of to give it democratic vitality (elections are farcical); but it may be played as a puppet by dictatorial forces.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 I don’t present this as a negative statement, only as a possible report of reality.  For those of us who work for a better humanity we cannot hope for a new USA to do our bidding.  There no longer is a system to respond to well organized proposals or protests. We might be able to use parts, but it is futile to wait on the THREE to do anything significant.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 This may be a process occurring in other governmental systems on the planet: state and local in the USA and globally, a characteristic of collapse.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 I view this phenomenon as positive – as I,decades ago, concluded that significant transformation of large, complex, dysfunctional societal systems was strategically impossible – which opened the option for replacement by metamorphic emergence.  This option still exists, and remains quite viable. I have learned that persons can’t attend to this alternative so long as they believe in the probability of reforming existing systems.  What evidence is needed to prove that these systems can’t be fixed – but they can be replaced.  From a larger perspective, this is the birth of HUMANITY from the embryonic development of Humankind, completing its civilization (caterpillar) phase.

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 PERSONAL:  WHY AM I TOTALLY ALONE WITH THIS VIEW?

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  • I just viewed the movie, Lincoln.  Not sure how accurate it was about the activities leading up to the vote on the 13th Amendment in the House. Although the content of the debate was as emotional as we witness today, everything portrayed was conducted “within the rules”. Even offering defeated lame duck Democratic congressmen positions in the new Lincoln administration for their yes vote was within the rules. Today, it is the hacking of rules and procedures, with a commitment to 100% obstructionism, that has paralyzed process.  This proves nothing, but points to potentially very significant changes in the processes of the US government.

  • Periodically I hear of how the USA government was in worse shape in the past. We had a civil war. The Sedition Act of our 2nd president was pure police state. Law, in the past, permitted exploitation and discrimination of minorities and women. There have been great progress in many domains; but often by fighting governmental opposition.  It may have looked as dark in those days as today – and some may have claimed that the USA WAS DEAD.
    Are we just seriously sick, or might extraordinary procedures resurrect the USA; and in what dimensions?  Many societal systems are capable of reFORM, transFORMation; many factors, including time are involved.  Just as there can’t be perpetual motion in the physical universe there are situations where certain types of change are impossible.  It is important to know if a strategy we are investing in is actually so improbably as to be virtually impossible.
    I believe the case for IMPOSSIBILITY TO REFORM GLOBAL HUMANKIND  is much stronger than the case against a temporary resurrection of a semblance of democracy (respondent to balanced needs, short to long term) in the USA.
    Get above the content debate and examine the tight knots in process and procedures.  The system has always been fragile, but appears to have been able to recover many times. What is scary this time is that what might appear to be “stupid actions of mis-informed persons” is actually the result of intelligent and strategic planning by elites (with warped perspectives) to hack the system. ALEC and the actions in the states is an exemplar.
    I am not committed to the statement, THE USA IS DEAD.  But, I believe that it should become a major topic of intelligent discourse.


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