1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Websites are like spaces, areas where we “walk” our attention, perceive and act (modify the semfield – the structure of individual sems and their varied relationships).  We need to develop an attitude towards some websites similar to what we give to “home” and “country”.  We value them and return to them and preserve-but-improve them. Structures transform and new forms emerge in these nu spaces; some patterns are conserved; there are bursts of creativity; there are occasional breakdowns and breakthroughs.  We need nu “maps” for navigation and nu “constitutions” as guides to behavior in these nu spaces.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Space vs Place.  The other day I was on a leisurely stroll through my nearby park, attending to both the small and the vistas, also taking photographs of textures.  I flashed on a possible distinction between space and place, as I soared being on Planet Earth within Gaia.  Place is where I stand, or a point of view. It may have coordinates related to other places. Space contains contiguous attentions abstracted from the linear sequence of experientials as I “scan” the space. Space is the territory-in-mind. Space can be described by narrative within space, or more abstract descriptions, memories, recordings (photos and videos), histories, maps, etc. A space contains many places.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The “space” in cyberspace, is not a space according to the above, but it contains many spaces (sites) as defined above, which we can call cybersites.  Unless we wish to use “CYBERSPACE” to label a holoarchy of nested holons (cyberspaces and cybersites).

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 The purpose of this sem is to propose we design and construct nu types of cybersites that have the characteristics of “home” and “country”.  Some structures in a cybersite are relatively permanent, valued, and “frequented”. We move our attention and we interact with the cybersite. We interact with other persons within the cybersite functioning as scaffolding. We seek security, resilience, sustainability, utility, and beauty for our cybersites.  Using an “s” instead of a “c” in sybersite, we refer to the cybersite plus those persons relating to it.

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 The practicality of nu cybersites is for OLLO, to ORGANIZE the sem production of persons which gives equal parity to Relevance and Recency. The traditional structure of websites are greatly un-reeee. Recent publications, posts, comments, and emails have priority in our contemporary world. {exceptions: “bibles and constitutions”} References, footnotes, end-notes, bibliographies, appendices, archives comprise a shaky and grossly inadequate foundation for the types of collaborative work needed today and tomorrow.

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 We need to create and inhabit in CYBERSPACE the equivalent of roads & streets, bridges, parks, buildings, farms, factories (sites for material making), hospitals, schools, etc. I am not necessarily calling for a virtual reality simulation. I am calling for an organized and vital  semfield to serve our “information” needs analogous to how our physical spaces serve our other needs.

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 Wikipedia is a primitive cybersite, but few would call it “home”. How much are the specific persons interacting with and modifying a cybersite the attractive aspect of the site? How much does the seafing scaffolding of a cybersite contribute to its attraction?

8 Leave a comment on paragraph 8 0 Cybersites must be more than a chronological layering of sems. Cybersites need teams to keep them clean and orderly, to moderate their use, and to improve their functionality. Cybersites should be more than a platform to post ideas and seek comments, and more than a space for conversation.  Some cybersites should be like an emerging village, others like an exploratory expedition, others like a long construction project, and others like idea farms. Cybersites should integrate both synchronous and asynchronous interactions (what I call RT/DT – RealTime/DelayedTime). Cybersites need a governance subsystem and an external relations subsystem (to structurally couple with other cybersites).

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  • jonasthanatos nuet For many the migration must come in stages. Houses for the damaged will be needed, where healing may need attention before new galdee. 

    The strategy of an expanding network of sites where we learn to be creative participants in a nu emergent humanity is a technological project. Sequential scaffolding for stage development. Individualized and personalized. This is never attempted today because most are locked into the norm/deviation frame to represent diversity. Diversity is viewed as noise instead of resource and potential.

    HOMECOMING — a powerful emotion. Can we shift to envisioning future homes to migrate to instead of homes to retreat back to?  Migrants envision future homes !!! America!  California!

  • jonasthanatos

    nuet jonasthanatos The language you are using in this article, Larry, really speaks to me. It resonates strongly, feeling as though they were words that I had long been trying to put together. I have heard mention of a concept of “Third Place”, which I fancied, but your conception I find better describes the reality I see before my eyes, and feel inside.

    Recently I thought of calling them “Houses For The Perplexed”, as kinds of “halfway houses” for people “Along the Way” if you will, as though we were all pilgrims of the “dark backward and abysm of time”. In any case, I believe these can be built and that it would feel really good to be contributing, not to something semi-static like Wikipedia, but something great and closer to multi-tasking than reading static text on a webpage. Something like that. I don’t quite have all the words I’d like to say. Hopefully they will come in time. Call it writer’s block. Just know that your words over these last few weeks have truly resonated deeply with me in a way I can’t say I’ve experienced before. It’s not exuberance either that I feel, but something more like a great “homecoming”. 🙂

  • jonasthanatos  Alex, your response is electrifying to my emotional needs. Knowing the very wide range of your interests and competencies, I appreciate your acknowledgement. I too feel the immediacy for action for most of Nuet’s proposals. WHAT IS NEEDED is a system/process to “manage” a meta-systems of inter-related proposals, but founded on the acknowledgement of uncertainty. These must be Learning Expeditions. 

    My reservations re action is my intuition that OUR UPLIFT is of the highest priority. MOST ACTIONS ON REAL WORLD PROJECTS SHOULD BE POSTPONED until WE have uplifted to a level of collective competency to undertake them.

    There is both the uplift of OUR competencies & OLLO systems and the later uplift of the global population of humankind, in stages. Even as the locomotive engine looms up (climate catastrophe) as we are stranded on the railroad track, we need to carefully evaluate the viability of our options. The whole survival/survival of humankind and the future of Gaia is at stake. We cannot wait for complete comprehension, yet we should not act until we have better comprehension of the real situation. A delicate balance.

    Alex’s and Larry’s decisions are not immediately decisive. LEARNING TO successful guide humankind’s navigation through the obstacles/opportunities of the future is our challenge.

    There will be thousands (millions?) of concrete actions that will require concentrated focus of those selecting to take them on. There will be the difficult responsibility of others to attempt to keep “the whole” in their collective attention, and to resist the attraction to dedicate to a specific action. Meta-action MUST become experienced as REAL action.
    Those engaging in meta-action will never be in control, nor should they futility seek control.  From their (fortuitous) advantage, it is their responsibility to be dedicated to “the whole”.

    Their leadership is like those knowing the route up a mountain leading the way, but not beating their chests that they were “first on top”. Differential expertize is analogous to parental expertize over children. New-borns require manipulation; so do “societal children”.
    YET, I feel paralyzed in not taking the proper actions. My intuitive/emotional Elephant contaminates my realtime behavior; and I believe this is the case for most of us.  TOPIC FOR ANOTHER BLOG POST. BUT,  we are MAKING HEADWAY.

  • jonasthanatos

    Once again, brilliant ideas. We should be building these sites immediately and contributing to them all the livelong day. Again, it’s too important. We cannot afford to get this one wrong, it’s our only hope. OLLO onwards everlasting! 🙂

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