1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 I don’t “brood over the Dark Side”, although it may appear so as many of my post are about “what is happening”. My emotions may be tweaked occasionally. Actually, I am concerned that I am not more “deeply” concerned.

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  • There appears to be an asymmetry in how the Dark and Bright Sides are experienced.  The Dark Side is experienced through events which violate, and excite our fight/flight responses. Experiences of the Bright Side may also be triggered by reports of events, often “viewed” as evidence of emergent processes in emergent synergy. Dark Side events point to relatively independent forces which, however, often reinforce each other contributing to destruction. It is easier to comment on Dark Side events than Bright Side processes.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 I have come to realize that THE STORY OF HUMANKIND AND GAIA is a most exciting mystery being composed collaboratively by human persons living human lives. I enjoy mystery and SciFi novels, and this story is one hell of a tale. It even includes all fictions as well as all histories and so-called ‘news of the day”. What went on? What is going on? What is to come?  I would be fascinated even if I weren’t part of the story and one of its authors.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Once I read an excellent book, The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker.  Fear is experienced when our whole system is alerted to potential danger – a very important competency. While humans can’t function well when constantly in the state of fear (as is the intention of some media), to block essential fear is dangerous.  We need to periodically dip into fear of Climate Change and Humankind Collapse if not Extinction. I comment on this in my blog post, Deep Denial.

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 Once I made an analog of our future adventures akin to wagon trains attempting to cross high mountains in winter, migrating to a “promised land”. A wagon train is an exemplar community with self contained infrastructure.  There would be periods when everyone had to push hard to survive. There would be moments of extreme challenge. The experience of high challenge isn’t fear, but related to it. It provides the extra energy, stamina, and heightened attention needed to keep going.

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 Post-collapse videos are bad, but the closest we get – and they may contribute to our avoidance of stories we might learn from. We need positive and dramatic stories of continuing emergence during collapse. The problem is “what is emerging”? We are confused in trying to imagine positive transformation occurring while the same system is collapsing. I am not sure such conflicting phenomena occurs in nature. Healing occurs in the midst of damage, but usually the damage already has been done. We need narratives for Societal Metamorphosis. We need to include challenges of self-organization as well as interactions with collapsing humankind.

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 Who really imagines their lifestyle significantly changing as we create a better humankind. Everyone wants “things to get better”, but without fundamental PERSONAL change (other than the removal of negatives, such as addictions, and acquiring more things). We need to imagine ourselves on challenging and sometimes strenuous EXPEDITIONS-in-TIME in tumultuous environments – but with confidence that we have the potential to succeed and that our daily lives need not be stressful or painful. Survival depends on successful self-organizing/learning emergence, not on winning against an oppressive societal environments.

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  • I learned from Robert Fritz (The Path of Least Resistance) to view most social systems as environments (with both dangers and resources) but not as supra-systems to which I/We owe allegiance and are members.

9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 I have abandoned (because I deem it impossible) trying to change others while they are embedded in their social network reinforcing their addictive lifestyle. Our efforts as significant change can only be directed to “ourselves”, but much more than individual consciousness raising. We will succeed only in teams and in the future as we engage in the world-weaving of HUMANITY – to which we will have allegiance.

10 Leave a comment on paragraph 10 0 HUMANITY has yet to be conceived, although there have been many attempts, and we learn from our lack of success.  The story of emergent HUMANITY will probably manifest as the formation and continuation of viable teams – beginning with an initial “conception team” (analogous to the first fertilized egg). There may be concurrent multiple teams independently forming. It may start with the formation of one critical team which catalyzes the formation of teams from other groups ready and needing only the catalyst.  Teams will grow (galdee), reproduce, differentiate and organize – forming a little embryonic HUMANITY with “superhuman” viability and vitality, and astonishing competencies.  Not super hero individuals but vibrant super teams and communities-of-teams.

11 Leave a comment on paragraph 11 0 Knowledge to do this already exists, distributed and now being curated by the Learning Change Project, the P2P Foundation, The Millennium Project, TheCo-Intelligence Institute, and literally thousands of start-ups in cyberspace. None of these are the conception team – if they were we would be witnessing rapid exponential growth. Imagine them as “Imaginal Buds” in insect metamorphosis.

12 Leave a comment on paragraph 12 0 INSIGHT NOW: The conception team will not be noted for the specific persons who will be members. The conception team will be identified by the distribution of requisite competencies among members and their collective ability (mediated by intelligent infrastructure) to be viable and capable of reproduction.  These “stem” teams have the collective competenties to PRSOS (Promote, Recruit, Select, Orient, Support) other persons in their social environment and seaf their learning/organizing into becoming competent members of other viable teams with the same requisite competencies as the original conception team.

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  •     This insight is a radical revison of the BUS project for UPLIFT, with the primitive node being shifted from a person to a team. However, the PRSOS is directed to PERSONS. It is TEAMS that are functional components of BUS activity, although the interactivity will be between PERSONS-IN-WEBS.
  •     Here is where humankind encounters the “singularity”. As competent as the human brain is, it lacks the scope/magnitude/complexity in biological time to adequately function as a primitive node of a viable planetary HUMANITY. Humans are a product of their biological evolutionary history – with intrinsic limitations. HUMANITY is to be an essential subsystem of an emergent Gaia far into the distant future. What is to become of the “lowly” biological human?
  •     I am not in position to predict the future of humans. I doubt we will be replaced by computers, with our “minds uploaded”. HUMANITY will have an essential biological substrate for the foreseeable future, and it will be in HUMANITY’s best interest to keep its human persons healthy and creative.  The team is an interactive system of personal human body/brain/minds. Over millennia HUMANITY may modify the “nature” and distribution of human persons; but unlikely in ways that would dimish the mental life of persons. The near future of HUMANITY will be much more dependent on the uplift and organization of competencies of existing biological humans than the fantasies of GMO humans and computers with uplifted minds.
  •         With the re-discovery of the microbiome within our multi-celled organism, and the microbiol domain of single-celled organisms foundational for the continued viability of Gaia, the significance of intra-cellular and inter-cellular process are recognized and accepted. In analogy, the biological human body/brain/mind will continue to be the foundation of HUMANITY.  But, just as our being and identity is determined by our multi-cellular organization (and not dictated by the whims of our individual biological cells), so HUMANITY will be determined by the multi-person organization (and not dictated by the whims of individual persons). Our “identity” is relevant, not our “individuality”.
  •         For those with “religious needs”, HUMANITY will be a great substitute for “GOD”.
  •     Because of my age and my weird “savant” nature, I will not be part of a conception team. Nor could most persons. The conception team is analog to the first few cells of a mammal, becoming a ball of similar cells – until they begin to differentiate. As new teams of emergent HUMANITY differentiate and specialize most humans in the general population can become members of these diverse teams.

14 Leave a comment on paragraph 14 0 The future HUMANITY analog to a multi-celled biological organism is but one of many complementary metaphors for that which we label “HUMANITY”.


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